Is it possible to share multiple videos at once?

We are using our XT2 camera as a ‘hummingbird’ cam. Have it pointed at our humming bird feeder so we can
get close up shots of the birds flying in. Super cool!

However, each day it generates something like 50 to 100 motion captures. We are storing them on Google Photos
but it is a real pain to manually upload/share each video, one at a time.

I haven’t found a way or trick to bulk share videos.

anyone have ideas?

If you’re techy, I’m sure you could build (or borrow) a script to auto download from the server and upload to your shared file.

I’m not one of those people.

@lurume84 is; however.

You could use bling-desktop, an open source Windows application. It synchronizes all videos to a given folder without user intervention. Application must be left always open and downloads everything in the background. If you point to a Google Drive/OneDrive folder it should upload everything automatically.

The problem is Blink has heavily changed its API and this app is currently not working. I am working on it but cannot give an approximate date sorry.

No way that I know of

I have a script that can do it, and has been doing it for me, very successfully, for the last few months. Unfortunately, as with lurume84’s desktop version, it no longer works on videos, since the last update to Blink’s API. It still does many other things successfully, and I’m working on fixing it, with much help from its original creator, nayrk, a member here in this forum. His work being based on the original work by github user MattTW.

If you’re interested, send me a PM, and I’ll arrange to get you a copy, when it’s fixed, that is if you’d prefer a script based version, over an installed application.

EDIT: It’s fixed now.

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bling-desktop is working again. To the op, use my application or any script from the community, what you just need to do is set as the output folder one that is synchronized with the cloud. If you need help setting it up just post here.

Wonderful! have it running on my PC and can see my cameras live as well as full activity.

thank you so much for building this app.

I actually could use some help setting things up for the sync’d output folder… it wasn’t immediately obvious
how to set up the output folder and sync things.

thanks so much!

okay, noobie mistake, i didn’t read your forum posts on the actual app itself.

found the bling.exe folder and see all my videos there.

i gotta say a big well done on this…

We use our XT2 camera as a ‘hummingbird cam’… the camera is mounted right next to the
feeder and we get awesome shots… My 6 year old loves seeing the birds which is why we did it… and she
wants to see ALL of the videos:) But those little buggers feed all day so we easily get 100 videos a day.

its a pain in the butt to manually upload one at a time…

So your app is a huge time saver for us. thanks!

Thank you for the great info. Do you have a link for the down load all script?

Search the site for a thread by nayrk for download all. He did the script version. lurume84 has created a desktop app that does similar. If that’s of more interest, search for his thread instead.