IR reflection and placement

After mounting the cameras I have noticed at night I have a glare shinning at the camera. I live in the woods and there is zero lighting that can be interfering with the IR. My connection is at peak, and all cameras are updated. Can it be from the position on my soffit reflecting towards the lens? When I take them down everything is normal. The old XT mounts were much better.

Things that are lite colored will reflect IR lighting. Soffit, gutter, siding, window frame screen door, etc. I have my XT-1 original cameras mounted to soffit also.

Example video below you can see the white vinyl window frame glow reflection


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The few XT cameras I have the soffit clips seemed to be less fixed and was able to angle and turn the camera with the one screw. Having the two screws makes it less flexible for angling. In the meantime I will have to figure something out since both my siding and gutters are not dark at all.
Thanks a million!

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An adapter to consider for mounting to vinyl siding.

Also play with IR settings. Pay attention to distance, bad guy face washout, and IR setting. You be the bad guy and do your own testing. Too high an IR = face washout when too close = you can’t tell who the bad guy is.

Another option is use motion detect flood light flood at night = color video for blink because you don’t need IR on at all. The ring camera flood light uses this method.