IR is not working anymore

After a couple of weeks of my cameras working fine at night, one of the camera’s IR seems not to be working. I have the settings at auto and medium but the live feed and recorded clips are really dark. Any suggestions? Thanks

First I would try changing the batteries. If that doesn’t fix the problem you should contact support by phone (781) 332-5465 or by email All forms of contact can be found in the menu of the Blink app.

Hi @mwhit0424,

I would agree with @RightHand, but I am also wondering what temperature your camera is at when you are having these issues. If it is outside the operating temperature that could be the cause of your issue. Let me know!

The outside temp last night as around 25 F. It’s been colder here already but had no problems with them. I’ll try switching out the batteries tonight and go from there.

Hi @mwhit0424,

Can you provide us an update please? Are you still having issues with IR functionality?

Nick how does the temperature readings work with the XT? Is it just reading the area temp via IR?
I ask because mine is all over the place. I set it to the actual temp and within a short time it reads something totally different. By the way, I am in Chicago western burbs and with my XT wired for power via usb its operates fine in sub zero temps, -8 this morning!!

Hey @Oldschool61,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I just responded in another thread, but after talking to one of our engineers, I found out that we use a thermistor in our cameras.

I had almost the exact same thing occur with my XT system. Support said bring it in to within 20 ft or so of Sync module then remove and reinsert batteries. It worked and so far IR is still working.

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I have had the same problem. Batteries removed, and it started working. I can’t remember if I had to leave it indoors for a bit to get it working. A few days later, same problem has occurred.
Anybody found out what causes it and how to fix?


I have been having this same problem and have tried to troubleshoot based on what others have been told here. Removed, reinserted batteries. Turned IR off and back on. Temps are between 25 and 35 F. Just a problem for one xt. Any other suggestions?

Hi @Keesnbcs,

If you are unable to resolve this issue, I would recommend submitting a support ticket or calling us at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK, so our support team can help you further.

I am also having this problem with one of my XT cameras. Did you replace the batteries with new ones and did this work for you?

i bought two of these xt and both have the same problem ir dont work they know they have a problem they just arnt doing a dam thing to fix it . that the main thing i bought these cameras for night .time . will be talking to amazon letting them know how messed up these cameras are all 3 of my cameras are going back.

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Did you reach out to Blink support? If so, did they not provide a solution for you?

I’ve having the same iusse now and been working with them on this matter and I’ve done everything they all me and still don’t work at night the picture is black and get this I got a 17.00 camera that looks better than the $99 camera from blink and also do you guys know that blink can get into there cameras thur your modem and get tell what going on and see as well I think that is a little of invasion of privacy could in the future I can link my cameras to my DVR without the cloud storage any one else having that problem? Thanks

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Are deleted clips, ever actually deleted? I’ve been having the same issue with my XT, I see why people complain about emailing support now, you get bounced around to different reps who don’t seem to read the previous emails. I was hoping to avoid calling, but I will now. @Bob_at_Blink. I’ve replaced the camera with a different brand outdoor camera and will probably end up using the XT inside.

Not exactly sure what you mean. If you require tech support then naturally they have to have some kind of access to your system to help troubleshoot. For example to send a reboot command remotely, or see an error message that your system is giving.

That doesn’t mean that a Blink employee can watch the live feeds or recorded clips from your cameras. See the thread that @RightHand linked to, where @Bob_at_Blink explicitly stated exactly what I just said.

But if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of someone else having some type of remote management access to your camera system’s error logs or something like that, then the best way to deal with that is to not use a cloud-based camera system.

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I have the same problem with one of my camera’s. The XT on the side of my house is very dark. For some reason if I turn it on low IR it illuminates the area just fine, but if I turn the IR to med my picture is distorted and dark. If I turn it to high the area is dark, so I just leave it on low and it works just fine for now. In short, try moving the IR intensities to see if you find one that works. Sorry, I could not be more help but that’s how I solved my issue with the dark IR XT cameras.

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Support is sending a replacement camera, I just needed to be patient and go through all the troubleshooting steps and send clips of the problem I was having.

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