IR is horrible XT2 cameras

Just installed our new cameras and the IR is completely worthless. We have played with all the settings from low to high. Rebooted the system, still worthless. A cheap $25 game camera gives a better picture. Any suggestions before this goes back in the box as a return.

You sure you have IR set to auto?

The IR capabilities of these cameras are actually rather impressive. I see a few issues from the photo you provided. Search around the forms, you’ll have about 20 days worth of information.

I agree. My IR is very good.

Put the IR on high rather than auto. That window on the left could be lowering the output of IR lighting. Also, your field of view is way too big. Are you really trying to detect things in the street as well as houses across the street? If not, move or at least reposition camera.

Once again, bench test your cameras BEFORE you install them. Also, document the serial number of each camera and sync module. You WILL eventually need them if you ever reconfigure your system or delete/add a piece of hardware.

To bench test night vision all you do is use a bedroom at night. Lights on = daylight video clip. Lights off = nighttime IR lighting video clip. Less than 5 minutes you know if the camera is working well or not.

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I think the light from the window on the left is not letting the ir illuminator turn on. Close your drapes tonight and see if you get better results. Let us know how you make out.

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The settings are on “Auto” with the highest level of IR and best picture quality.

Settings look correct. Time for you to do that inside the house bedroom bench test. You may as well do it as Blink will make you do their testing before you get an RMA number for a warranty exchange. You have to bring it in the house to pack it back for return to selling vendor to get your money back if you choose that route. It’s quite possible you have a bad camera. Hopefully you are in the time periods for refund or exchange.

Yes I believe I have all the settings correct.

Never saw much use to the high ir settings.
Only washed out my night view.
I agree. Try closing those drapes and see what happens.

Drapes closed. No better at all.

Probably a faculty camera.

If thats the case every camera is faulty.

Contact tech support. It appears you have a defective camera.

Realistic night vision expectations…This is from my original XT cameras that will be on their 3rd MN cold winter in a couple of months.

Notice how far IR illumination goes. What is in focus and out of focus. What is too dark, too light, and just right. Realistically, the Blink night vision works, but it is indeed limited in performance.

The same camera on day vision. I’m working with this investigator from Sheriff’s division on local robbery event. She came to talk to me and view any camera footage I may have. She was impressed at how simple and easy Blink was to install and operate.

However, day vision vs. night vision are very far apart. PLENTY of youtube videos on Blink vs. competition reviews. Watch those before you buy. Not after you buy.

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I am returning the product spending a few extra hundred and going with a wired product. The IR on the Blink camera is worthless IMHO. Like I said my cheap ■■■ $35 game camera out performs it easily as far as IR images.

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My nighttime videos are excellent quality! My camera picked up a cougar on our driveway the other night!

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The reason yours are excellent is because of that streetlight in the upper middle. That light augments night vision . I have a streetlight aka yard light and one of my camera catches deer walking daily through my front yard where the big light is.

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Ah, well that’s lucky, isn’t it? I was going to get another camera for my backyard which is pitch black… will that show nothing? Are the new sync2 module outdoor cameras any better?

Youtube has lots of peformance/comparison vides on the neww outdoor cameras.

XT-2 camera in pitch black…expect illumination to be about 20 feet. It will look something like video below. You’ll notice the yard light in upper left part of video is much brighter. However this camera is just covering my front door. The yard light does not help this camera’s night vision.