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Any dedicated iPad app planned?
Sorry (I know that there are probably hundreds of other priorities) but the app for iPad is pretty poor. In general, I find the application (iPhone/iPad) missong a lot of basic functions (arm/disarm by camera, disable blue led, email alert, photograph option, live feed automatically…)

The Android app is basically the same. The features you want are just not available at this time.

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Does the Blink app on IPad fill the screen or does it look like it would if you were using a phone?


It “fills the screen” but it is not an iPad app. It’s an iPhone app “magnified”.
They could do a lot lot better with for an iPad app. They should benchmark some others to see that this is a weak point. The functionality of the app needs improved. Far too basic. Almost (sorry) amateur feel.

The Blink staff here definitely listen to their users. Although that might not be a top priority currently, but I do think in the future we will see more app features. My most anticipated feature is the ability to arm/disarm individual cameras via automation. @nick_at_blink

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Good. Looking forward to future releases…although a roadmap would be nice (at least to understand the features with associated timing). Not too much to ask…

There was a survey at one point here asking what features were most vital to each individual, but I don’t see it now.

I seen that too (and replied)…but that was from user “wish list”.
Is there an official ‘roadmap’ release from blink?

I don’t believe they have shared an official road map. Blink is a small team and may be hesitant on ETA’s, but I’m sure they will share some type features road map here on the forums at some point, hopefully soon.

Hey @mafa,

@RightHand is correct. We typically don’t have a road map to share, as we are a very small team, and projects can shift often, as bugs and other priorities can come up. However, we do like to announce products ahead, such as the Blink Seecurity Bundle, which is slated to be released by the end of 2017. You all on the forum will be the first to know when we have more product announcements!

@mafa & @RightHand, here’s a link to the survey that was mentioned.

Mobile App. Idea Ranking

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Dedicated iPad app please

Hi @adolfo2, @Capn, @mafa, @ronsec and @RightHand,

Just wanted to inform you all the the most recent iOS update (v.3.1.45) now contains iPad support! You no longer need to look under iPhone apps when on an iPad to use Blink

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