IP Address of Blink XT Camera

Anyone know how to locate the IP address for individual camera please, if they have one? I am trying to use my cameras on a Mac using the program Xeoma but struggling to add the cameras manually or automantically.

IP or MAC address? IP addresses are assigned by your router.

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You might be able to figure it out by logging into your router’s admin page and looking at the list of connected devices.

I don’t know anything about that program you mentioned, but I’d be surprised if you could get it to work with Blink. They’re not standard IP cameras, they don’t support ONVIF, RTSP, etc. So even when you know the local IP address of a camera on your LAN, you probably can’t use that app to connect to them.

I just completed an exhaustive inventory of all my network devices. I have everything accounted for except for my four Blink cameras. My router does not report them as attached…no device/IP listing. Where are they? Thanks.

Just a wild guess…they are in the sync module. That sync module should show up on your router however. Remember the sync module is a communications hub for the cameras. I think it has two channels/frequencies. 1 = settings and commands for camera. 2 = video/audio feed.

Lots of previous threads on this subject. You know what to do next. :mag::mag_right::mag::mag_right::mage:

Thanks. Yes I searched, but did not see anything on this. I am going to search again!

BTW - other posts say the camera show up as TI devices. I don’t see that, nor do I have any IP addresses unaccounted for.

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Ceedee, pretty sure if you look in your dhcp table you will see leases for all the items. If you look in your router table for active connections, you my not see anything, because they are hardly ever active.

If I look in my dhcp lease table, I can clearly see three identical entries for my sync modules, bar the last part of the mac address being different. They look like this:


Where 00-03 is the start of the MAC address.

Cameras will be there too, especially if you make sure they have a current lease, by activating them all one by one before you check the table.

Yep, just checked, and I can see each of my cameras. I looked for the MAC address of one, saw the format, and once I had that all the others were easy to spot, after I had made them active, by viewing live.

They appear like this, for a short time:


The first part being the entire MAC address.

You can also see what IP they have/get, if the leases don’t expire, and they are not given a new one, by using the Bling desktop app, details of which can be found on this site.

Looks like this when you press the three dots:

@suttyblink Brilliant! I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t think of that. I was so focused on the IP table.

I looked at the DHCP table, and initially, didn’t see the cameras. I then activated them, and they popped up in the table! Looks like I have the router default of 120 minutes. I typically don’t have the systems armed when I’m home, so the leases expire quickly, unless I’m taking a peek at something during the day. I guess I can also increase the lease time if I’m hell-bent on seeing them!

Thanks for taking the time to craft such a thorough reply.

What desktop app are you using to display your cameras? I was under the impression there was no desktop app.

As I said in my post, the Bling (no typo) desktop app, details of which can be found in this forum.

I’m excited by having a viewer but … my key cameras are XT2. What is the issue with supporting them?