iOS notifications randomly activates sound

I am having issues with the cameras sound randomly coming through my phone, even though I am not actively in the app.

I may have some notifications pending being viewed but I haven’t clicked on them.

@nick_at_blink any thoughts?

Nick hasn’t visited the forum since mid November, and has not posted since June. There is hardly any contribution from any Blink staff in this forum now. May as well be non-existent.

To answer your question, as best I can, there are numerous reports in this forum of same. Search for them, and you will see there is no solution. Sounds very much like a bug to me, and unless you report it to support, there is no way to know if they are aware of it.

I recommend raising a support ticket, and recommend the same to everyone with this issue, so that something gets done. It’s already been going on for a few weeks.

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Will do thanks :+1::+1:

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Good stuff, Let us know how you make out. Hopefully they’ll reply with it’s a known issue, and they’re working on it, but who knows if they will make you jump through a whole heap of hoops first. If it were me, I would find the other threads, and link anything I could find in my request, to support not having to have to do things like reinstall the app, or whatever else they might want you to try.

Good luck.

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Add me to the list!