iOS app update... on the App Store now

Version 4.0.21

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Love the update. I’ve been wanting the view in list feature for a while much much cleaner interface

I can’t find this update. I have Version 4.0.18 on iPad. When I find Blink Home Monitoring app in Apple Store it only shows “Open” button and that opens my current version.

Hi. Maybe it’s only for iPhone not ipad?

Just checked on iPhone. Same situation as for iPad described earlier. Maybe it only applies to a later version of IOS than I have.

New interface for viewing/managing videos is horrible. The extra taps it takes to get to the video controls are pointless and wasting time. I, like others, backup all of my videos. The quickest method I have is AirDrop to my Mac. Not only has it always been frustrating to only be able to export one video clip at a time, but now I have to tap the video, tap the screen, then share. Also have to take the extra step for scrubbing video backward or forward, to delete, or anything really.

This is pointless and definitely not user friendly or intuitive. I get the idea, but the extra steps of getting to the video controls or options is frustrating.

Also you can’t scrub backward or forward in fullscreen mode.

Please tell me this is already being addressed or can become an option to have controls below video or something.

This is a borderline deal-breaker.

(PLEASE work on exporting multiple clips at once also!)

I totally agree with the above post. You have to tap too many times to get controls that were just available on the screen before. It’s like a step backwards on viewing videos. If I delete a video, it doesn’t automatically go to the next video to view, just back to the list where I have to tap on the next video, then tap on the video to get the controls so I can delete it if I don’t watch the whole thing. Can we just go back to the previous app version??? Please, please, please.

In the “old days”, we used to send out beta versions to our most discriminating customers. BEFORE releasing to the general public. Their feedback was timely, accurate, and needed by those of us living in our developer bubbles.


Ps - I can scrub in FS mode on my iPad.

I would love to be a beta tester. I also just noticed that after deleting all videos (after saving them) some keep reappearing.

For reference on my previous post, I am using blink 4.0.21 4274 on iPhone XS 12.1.4 (16D57)

Sorry, I don’t like the controls on the new clips interface. Working them takes an extra tap and delay to get the overlay - and then a wait for it to disappear. Scrubbing is almost impossible so I can’t easily go back and look at a part of the video I want to see in more detail.

The new list presentation is nice but is completely overshadowed by the loss of usability because of the new overlay control system. I’m hoping this is a first try and the next version has a better interface.

• Scrubbing is borderline impossible. Absolutely ridiculous.
• If you eventually hit the jackpot and manage to select the miniscule shuttle, the rewind/play/FF overlay remains on the footage, so you can’t see what you are scrubbing anyway. WTF?

Seriously guys, massive UX fail, these issues need fixing, quickly.


The Blink apps on my iPhone and iPad have just updated and I have to agree that the new interface is too difficult to use and not an improvement.

I’ve already complained about the newest versions, but now with the latest 4.0.24 update, you get a notification that you have a new video, you go to the Blink app, if you are on the camera screen, no yellow dot shows on the folder showing you have a new video. If you then go to the videos then go back to the cameras, then the yellow dot shows up…it’s a little late by then.

I have an iPhone 10. I still don’t like the controls on the screen. As I said in my earlier post, if I want to delete the video early, I have to tap on the video, hit delete, hit yes, then it goes back to the list of videos, not to the next one to view. We used to hit the trash, click yes, next video would come up.

Also, many times I can’t get the blue dot to drag back or forth in the video very easily, when I do, the controls normally show up. It’s a little hard to see around them. I can’t get forward/back blue dot to work well at all in landscape mode, the dot is so low on the screen, when you do think you have your finger on it, you just end up sending the whole video off the screen. I did some testing, in landscape mode. If you hit play in normal mode, turn your phone to landscape, the dot to move the video forward or back is too low to use, if you then tap the video, the blue dot moves ups so you can get to it. Why wouldn’t it be up where I can get to when the video starts?

Please help us. This app used to be so easy to use, now it is just cumbersome. Seems newer is not always better.

This is why beta versions are needed. Users often have excellent feedback.

And, the advice is free!

Funny chit. The android version of what you guys are complaining about was released a couple months ago. Android users had pretty much the same complaints also. The talk about beta testers was not part of the conversations however.

I asked the questions…did any customers ask for this new video clips format or did Blink just release it? The answer was complete silence. Zero, nobody responded to the question.

It is for the iPad and not for the iPhone I guess. I tried to run some apps from the simulator and also got information from

I’ve tried to find Blink Home Monitoring or Blink … in the Apple Store. Nothing found. I have an Apple iPad. Any suggestions??? Thanx in advance.

This is what I get when I go to the Apple Store!!


Go to the App Store on your iPad.