iOS app playing camera sound at time of notification

Recently my blink app started immediately playing the audio feed of the camera when I receive a motion detection. This occurs on the Lock Screen of my iPhone. I reached out to support and said this is an intended functionality? I’m a bit surprised by that response considering I can’t find it documented anywhere. Has anyone else had this happen to them? It is a bit jarring.

Also extra weird considering the numerous requests for iOS notification sound settings. All of a sudden you can actually hear the camera itself on the Lock Screen??

Thanks all.

I’ve noticed this as well. It’s just been over the last couple of days. I’d like to be able to turn off the audio during notification, but I don’t see anything obvious in settings, either in the Blink app, or in Notifications in iOS (14.3). The Blink iOS app version is 6.1.4 (released one week ago, according to the App Store), Build number 9274. My cameras are Blink XT2 outdoor cameras, firmware version 7.98.

I did post a review in the App Store, and mentioned this.

Are you using the Early notification (Beta) feature. If so, try turning it off, it may be related? It’s in Beta, so expect the unexpected, if trying to make use of it.

If not, I have nothing else, other than suggesting that you also try contacting support.

Sparkinstx - I have pretty much the same hardware, firmware, etc except one of my cameras is the newer blink outdoor model. I just upgraded to iOS 14.4 beta today so that could change something. Hasn’t happened since.

Suttyblink - I am using early notification beta. That could explain it too. I have reached out to support but they said the functionality is intended, but do not see it documented anywhere.

I know, you said, but I don’t buy their response either. I bet it’s something in the way the notification is handled by your OS, making the Blink app think that you have responded to it, so the app is running, whilst the phone is still closed, and the audio is heard, because early notification takes you to the camera, when you select the notification, when behaving normally.

What could possibly be the point of doing that, and activating the camera, when you haven’t even decided if you want to look. Battery killer at its best, which Blink do everything they can to avoid. Sounds to me like the agent in question was doing what many do, and not just at Blink, fob you off with any old bs, so you’ll go away. You could have said, “Oh, interesting, read me your documentation on that feature.” lol. At a pinch, if it was designed to give you fast access audio only, to the camera, it should be documented, and have an option to turn it off, which I’ve never seen. Not to mention, if it really was a feature, it would have happened to me, and many others too, and it has not, only a few.

It’s almost a pity that you’ve solved it by an OS update, because it would have been interesting to see if that stopped it.

Let’s see if sparkinstx can shed any more light on it.

The response from support was in broken English so probably overseas contractors… I did ask for documentation from support and it has been radio silence since.

I’m not positive the iOS update fixed it, but it hasn’t happened since. It was only happening intermittently prior so can’t rule out for sure if the iOS update did the trick. I was worried about it being a security flaw and that’s why I did the iOS update.

I’ll update here if it happens again.

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Are you running a Blink beta through TestFlight? I was offered a beta through TestFlight recently (I think it was Blink), and I declined it. I was running iOS public betas for a while, and got off of it before 14.3.

The issue still occurs despite the latest iOS 14.4 update. I rebooted the phone at request of support. I am not running a beta version through TestFlight. Chat with support is ongoing.

This is happening to me too! Took me a while to figure out where the noise was coming from.