Invalid Login

Dear Placidof and deeps,
Any luck?
I’m using the system itself without any problem. Everthing works just fine. But when I tried to login through IFTTT (in order to arm/disarm automatically), it always show the red letter saying “Invalid Login”. And I’m in Asia and puchased the system from US Amazon.

I also tried thousand times and

  • tried resetting hundred times with different passwords
  • on several phones and tablets
  • and contacted customer support
    None of these works for me…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was having exactly this problem trying to work my way around the “Invalid Login” problem.

I thought I’d try from my laptop instead of my phone and it worked straight away.

I hope this works for anyone else having the same issue

Anyone found a solution to this ?

Still getting “Invalid Login” on all my devices (phone, laptop, etc)

I’m in the UK and was having the same issue whilst trying to connect. Instead of using Blink, I used “Blink (Europe)” and it worked.

Could you please explain ‘what is’, or ‘how to’ use Blink Europe?

As you create an applet, to perform some function, or other, in IFTTT, you have to link your Blink account to your IFTTT account. This allows IFTTT to make authenticated requests of your Blink system, such as arm or disarm system. As you go through the process, you will be asked to pick a Blink service to link to.

If you are in Europe, and link it to Blink USA, the authentication will fail, and vice versa. So, Blink Europe, refers to the type of applets you should pick and link to your IFTTT account, if you are in Europe.