Invalid Login

I can log into IFTTT just fine, I can log into blink app just fine, but as soon as I try and “connect” blink to IFTTT I get “invalid Login”. I live in the USA using the blink applet. Anyone having this issue as well?

I have the exact same problem. I was wondering if it was something to do with the region setting when you create the account. I can’t log into the blink website either but I can log out and then back in on the app.

I have the same problem.

Still not working for me. Can’t figure out if it’s on IFTTT side or Blinks side.

It WORKS! Same username and password that I saved on chrome, so it must have been a back end issue. Glad it works now

Just added Blink hub and BlinkXT Camera. Have account set up…have integrated with Alexa…but IFTTT generates “Invalid Login” with Blink credentials. Have tried changing email and passwords but no joy. Suggestions…?

I don’t know which company is having the issue, but mine eventually worked. I think you have to wait it out.

Thanks, Craig! Do you recall approximately how long it took? I’m wondering if the conduit is intolerant of special characters or numbers in the password. Does your password have only letters?

I can’t login to blink through Alexa. It says “Invalid Login”. I can go to the blink app with no problem but can’t connect it to Alexa. I have tried resetting password but no luck!

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Exact same problem. Ive tried thousands times, but no luck. Can anyone help

Remember your forum account is different than your blink app account.

If the problem persists, contact customer support.

This is NOT working For me as well (Switzerland) and it’s very frustrating… can anyone give some support? I tried to change plenty of time password from the app using no numbers, special characters ecc. but nothing seem to work …
The pwd in the Blink app works but the webservice connection page from IFTTT to Blink fails at all time with INVALID LOGIN message!

Are you using Blink (Europe) applets?

Yes, tried as well the US one without success…

It must be clearly an issue with the European Server because triggering “Forgotten Password” email does not work from both the app and the webservice links (and I checked as well the spam). Is any IT member of Blink monitoring the community?

Just to see if there was something Europe wide, I did some tests, because I’m in the UK. I was able to log in to IFTTT. I was able to add a new applet, and link it to Blink Europe, and test it successfully. I then ran a script that logs into the Blink API server, and it worked as normal, and I also logged out of my app, and clicked the forgotten password link that appears when you log out. I got the email within about two minutes. Not sure what your issue is, but it doesn’t seem to be European wide.

I suppose your best course of action now would be to log a support ticket.

Done. Let’s see what they will say :frowning: I really hope they can fix it as I don’t want to miss the geofencing possibility…

I’m using my Blink system (bought in the US) in India. I get the same “Invalid Login” error when I try to connect my Blink account to IFTTT, and have been in touch with support regarding this. Today I was told that since my account is using their Asia servers, I can’t connect to IFTTT. The IFTTT integration is only available in the US and EU. Wondering if there’s any way to circumvent this. Oh, and by the way, I can’t use Alexa either since the skill isn’t available in India, but that’s another story.

How can I get forum acount ?

The fact that you just posted that question means you have one :slight_smile: