Internet was down, Offline recording?

Hell all. So today was a strange day. The cameras did their job and recorded a guy snooping around my house while I was in bed asleep(3rd shifter). Thankfully he didn’t attempt any entry. About a hour and a half later I got more notifications but there was only like a 1/2 second videos. As it turns out my internet provider was doing maintenance in the area and therefore my internet was down. Is there anyway that the system can still be up and running correctly and record at least when not connected to the internet in such a case? I would be seriously hot had this guy actually broke in and the cameras would have been down and I had no proof of who it was had I not actually been home.

This system records to a cloud. So if no internet, no recordings. There is currently no way to record offline. Assuming your talking about xt1/xt2/outdoor-indoor cameras.

They really should come up with something to let it work offline. I mean how hard would it be to send the data to the 256GB box instead of the cloud?

The new sync module 2 supports video clips being recorded directly to a usb memory stick.

However, in all of this, the system is wireless. That means you still need wifi to communicate from camera to sync module. When wifi goes down, blink goes down.

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I have several Blink XT2s and two Reolink Wi-Fi battery cameras. The Reolinks have SD cards inside. If the Wi-Fi goes down they will still record events. But they can’t send alerts without Wi-Fi and I can’t view the videos without Wi-Fi unless I climb the ladder, take out the cards and view them on my computer. SD cards sometimes fail so no system is perfect. Eufy and Arlo cameras have an SD card/flash drive in the hub, but they need Wi-Fi to transfer the video to the hub then to the Cloud like the Blink sync module 2. Ring cameras are all Wi-Fi Cloud dependent, no local recording options. NVR, DVR, PC wired camera systems are the most reliable and some can be viewed with phone apps. But if Wi-Fi goes down these systems can’t send an alert to your phone and can’t send videos on your phone. You will have the recorded video on the hard drive to review after the event.

Problem is to me, that… lets say the internet is down… but my internal WIFI is still working just fine… It still wont work… the camera wont talk to the module, or the USB(camera in fact never talks directly to the USB, internet working or not).

There needs to be some sort of firmware change for that to happen.

I agree, everything that we’ve seen says that all the traffic is via the Blink servers and there is no ‘directly’ about it. Even the current backup to flash drive will be Camera, Router, Blink, sit there for a while until ready to backup, then back to Router, Sync module, Flash drive. All ‘via’ Blink’s cloud.

Could a firmware change be made that would allow the route to be Camera, Router, Sync module. Quite possibly, but would Blink want to do that.

If Blink did that, who would take out a subscription?

As Joel has said many times, they could add value, but why would they, when they would compete with Ring?

Whats even more annoying, is its not even at the same time each day. So if your not constantly deleting clips… it will download stuff you dont want to the usb, becuase you have no idea when its going to do it.

Yeah, i dont know why they added this feature, or are even promoting this as Local storage… becuase clearly anyone who wants local storage is trying to get around the cloud. So why even offer it?
Its no more “local” storage, then downloading your clips to your phone… then to a pc. Thats actually less hassle.

i Have a cheap $25 amcrest camera that allows saving to a 256 gig card, or cloud storage. And I can view both on an app, on my phone. So clearly its doable.

I get no, income stream… but why then offer it/promote the feature? At least make it, and IF then proposition… If you dont want to pay the $100 a year for cloud storage…Heres a 1 time, local storage fee of… $50… or something like that. …

If you look back at actually the very short amount of time sync module 2 was introduced, pre-order stage, and then finally available…Blink’s stand on what it can and can’t do has been let’s say fluid. The story keeps changing. When things change for the better, that drives sales! Not supporting backwards compatibility drives even more sales. Want the new hardware with features and benefits…pay up. You end up with the never ending chase of the latest and greatest upgrades.

It’s clear to me that Amazon’s marketing wizards are a hell of a lot brighter than we give them credit for. Remember, this community forum is one hell of a inexpensive customer survey tool. 90% happy vs. 10% beeyatch and complain = success! Microsoft proved that theory worldwide.

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So miss and dis information is a marketing plan, as opposed to outright incompetence. Could be, I couldn’t say, but one thing is for sure, they have yet to state that direct to flash drive is available.

I’m pretty sure you’re right that it can be done, and I’m 100% certain that you’re right about this forum being nothing other than a cheap marketing tool, at least more recently, in the almost complete absence of assistance here from Blink representatives.

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basically the 3 of us work for blink. for free. :slight_smile:

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Flash drive is backup only. If you don’t have a subscription to the cloud, video clips are magically stored ??? Then they magically go from that ??? location and are transferred to the flash drive.

They did update the mobile app so you can view video clips on the flash drive.

If power or wifi drops during backup to flash drive…per support website
If your Wi-Fi or power goes out, the file in progress is not saved to your local storage. Storing the incomplete file is attempted at the next scheduled backup. Without power or Wi-Fi, the cameras are not able to record or save any clips.

Hell of a retirement gig ya got there sir. LMAO

Not clear on what point you’re making? Are you suggesting, with the current implementation, or when it is finally released, the video will go straight to the flash drive, because it doesn’t/won’t. It will go via the Blink cloud, just as all videos currently do. If you don’t have a subscription, they will simply hang onto them in the background, until they are backed up, being routed back to your flash drive. You will have no access to these temporarily stored Cloud clips, unless you have a subscription. The only time they will become available, is after they have made it back to the flash drive, which will be far from immediate.

Bet you 50p it does not go direct to the flash drive, ever, even if it could be implemented.

Not clear on what is confusing you. My point is exactly what you are stating other than with the newer cameras that support SM2, does the video clip go to memory in the camera or does it actually get uploaded to the cloud. That detail I don’t know yet. If you don’t have a cloud subscription, is Blink crazy enough to upload it to the cloud anyway so you can then later on, do your batch backup of video clips to the usb drive? I bet 50 bucks, yes Blink is crazy enough to do it that way. Your clips are in the cloud but no subscription = no access to them. The batch download success = files in cloud are marked for autodelete after a period of time. The other method is…the cameras actually have memory to store the video file. Kinda doubt it however.

Yeah, no way these cams have any memory. If you dont have internet, they dont even work period. So they clearly require cloud access. I have a fine working internal network the cameras are on. As soon as i disconnect it from the internet, I can no longer access the cameras or synch module.

Also there is still no way to see the files on the usb, through the app.

It seems pretty clear to me, if you want this local storage (not even sure why anyone would)… you will need a cloud subscription.

Screen shot of last item in that FAQ. The problem with the words “will be” is a statement in future tense vs. current status.

i believe anything they tell me will work, sometime, in the future. :slight_smile:

Currently it no workie.

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