Interesting Amazon now acquired Ring

This doesn’t bode well for Blink in my opinion. I think they just want to acquire all the IP of both companies and integrate that into their own future Amazon branded products.

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Or perhaps they’ll combine Ring’s bigger market presence among video doorbell companies with blink’s battery-saving tech.

I’m definitely worried about Amazon buying Ring and about Amazon buying Blink. Seems like every time I invest in a new line of products, the company gets bought by large company. Happened with Nest (Google…and former Nest owner/employees said it was a mistake to sell), SmartThings (Samsung), Revolv (Google, who then killed it off), and now Amazon buys Blink and a company making the same product in the doorbell camera. I also had several Vuezone cameras that then were discontinued and replaced with the better, yet much more expensive Arlo. But they didn’t update the Vuezone app or website anymore, so the cams became worthless. That’s why I switched to Blink. Good cams that do exactly what I want for less and there are no monthly charges. Blink said in the announcement about their purchase that nothing will change “for now”. So what does that mean for the future?

It means once the sale is compete Amazon can pretty much do whatever they want I’m guessing. Unless blink negotiated to retain control over certain things, but doubtful.

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Don’t think of it as an investment!

Amazon invested in Blink, they paid $90 mil for this startup’s impressive tech.

We’re just buying the cameras. I don’t know if amazon will come up with a better product than what Blink is currently, or would have developed next if Immedia remained independent. I hope so.

But I think it’s fair to say Immedia’s plan all along was for another company to buy their chip technology.

That’s kinda how this works, companies buy out other companies.

When I spend $600, that is an investment to me. If the product is discontinued, that is a big money loss. If they change a product, like start charging for cloud service, that also negatively affects the investment. Plus, I buy things that work with previous items I have. Blink and SmartThings had a software hook to work together and right before they were bought by Amazon, they cut that link. It’s frustrating and I’m very hesitant to buy any new IoT items.

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I share your frustration from when they blocked the SmartThings integration.

Yep. Head scratching. Sounds like with the two they will want Blink to drop its security system plans and maybe even their new door bell and focus on folding Blink into an accessory for the Ring system. I guess only time will tell, but I cannot see why Amazon would keep a third competitive tech going since they also have their own cameras.

That’s the problem with buying products that try to be on the leading edge of a market segment, especially when startups are involved.

Maybe the startup goes bust, maybe they get acquired. It’s a gamble going with an unproven product.

But when you’re dealing with someone else’s cloud, I don’t think we can expect that terms of use will never change.

There are networked camera solutions that don’t rely on someone else’s cloud to store video, if I were putting several hundred dollars into my purchase I might go with one of them.

I got interested in Blink because I needed a totally wireless solution, the battery life is remarkable, and they’re pretty cheap.

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Yep. I have had many positive and negative experiences with this. Hopefully the Blink one ends up in the positive category.

I think we’re going to see exciting things this year from both Blink and Ring. Amazon doesn’t seem to sit on it’s rear end and makes things happen. We’ll see soon enough.

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The funny thing about Amazon is that when they purchase a company they pretty much allow it to run autonomously and just want to have a hold of the intellectual property rights, but to purchase two camera security companies at the same time within a matter of months suggest something more. On one hand, you have a billion dollar company and on the other you have a 400 million dollar company give or take a few million. It’s easy to see who is going to be on top, and who was purchased solely for the intellectual property rights. If you ask me blinks low consumption chip tech is far superior and years ahead of any security camera tech on the market. That’s why it was more important for Amazon to lock down the purchase of blink first and then go after Ring, plus it made Ring think about competing against Amazon with blink’s tech (real easy decision to sell now). Don’t get me wrong, Ring is not a sucker and if you paid any attention to CES 2018 you would know that Ring (way more research dollars then blink) has a ton of new products coming down the pipeline that does many of the things that people have been asking blink for without the smartthing integration. Example, walkway lights that turn on when camera notices motion. I can see Amazon’s future plans for home security brightly and in the end it might end up better for the all of us. Why? Amazon is a people first company that focuses on giving people great prices with tons of options. For years Amazon never turned a profit because the CEO understood the importance of building a great name and system for delivering great products and customer service. To make a long story short. I trust that Amazon will do the right thing by blink and ring customers because they have a history of being a great company, so I’m not worried at all. In fact I’m very enthusiastic and eager for the future of the home security camera market.

Hey All,

I just wanted to chime in and let you all know that Blink’s plans have not changed. Everything we are planning on doing is remaining the same! We plan to continue selling and supporting the same great products you know and love.


Glad to hear that Nick! Thank you

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waiting patiently for echo show integration… any plans to have you show feeds on your show like with the ring ?

Its possible that there will be several announcements when the doorbell goes to market




anyonee have an answer about show integration

It’s still not available. No updates from the Blink team.