I attempted to contact Blink concerning bugs, flys, hornets, bees, causing the camera to notify. I know I’m not crazy, and not the only person that lives in Nevada to have this problem. Blink told me that I was the first to report this. I do not have hornet nests around my house, and if I do discover one I destroy it. This whole summer I have been plagued by bug notifications. I know someone else is having this problem. I would like Blink to admit that this is a problem and come out with some type of solution. I think that the problem is with the lens of the camera looking like a bug eye, or its the frequency it sends out.

It’s not uncommon many of us expirence that. I live in Mn and all summer I have to disable my cameras for part of the day because bees set it off constantly.

Some people think it’s heat that the camera is giving off. Others have suggested it could be a noise that’s attracting insects.

What are you expecting them to do about it?

Hey I’m not crazy.

I just want Blink to know, maybe they have a solution.

Did you contact support via email? If so, you probably just got a response from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

See this post from the director of customer support re: their email support channel:

Also, others have reported success by using bug spray:

Hi, so bug spray is the answer. I don’t think so. My cameras are up high and it would prevent me from using bug spray on a daily basis without covering the camera with spray. The real problem is, when you really need the cameras to work, during daylight hours, you have to turn them off when you go to work, and when the sun goes down, you can turn them back on. Most burglaries occur while your working. I think the Blink cameras work fine inside of the home, I really do like them. I even tried to putting a white silicone cover on them but that didn’t work either. I don’t know what to tell you, but I get as much as 20 alerts a day concerning insects.

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Just saying that other users have reported success with bug spray, so it’s one possible solution. I’m not sure how often it would be necessary to reapply it.

Personally, my outdoor XT camera isn’t a magnet for bugs, couldn’t tell you why. I’m sure it must be frustrating.

I have insects constantly tripping my XT cameras, particularly when they are in direct sunlight. I got the “you camera batteries will not last 2 years” warning the other day due to the constant motion trips.

Could it be the shiny exterior? I’m going to try a skin and see if that helps.


Don’t bother with covers. I tried a white one, no luck. I went away for 2 hours and had 20 hits from bugs. Its like I can’t use it when I’m away. Mine are in the shade. I even put an aluminum cover so birds don’t land on it. This is terrible. Blink needs to take this seriously, otherwise they are great for indoors.

Sorry…this isn’t a blink problem. All Outside cameras have the same situation. Turn down the sensitivity to it only triggers by humans and cats. Then your bug problem will go away unless they (bugs)land on the camera lense

Well the bugs here thinks its a landing pad. They crawl all over it. I tried a white cover, there has to be some kind of cover out there.

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Reply to JDC. I have been overwhelmed by bees, wasps, even flys, but I don’t always complain. I try to find fixes. So in that regard, I don’t think covers help. But, I did discover that if you mount your camera about 3’ off the ground you will have at least a 80% or more improvement. For some reason they look for eves under your roof for some unknown reason. Just because it can be stolen because its mounted lower, they have to get close enough to steel it. I still cover the top with a piece of wood or anything that could help with snow or rain, but you can not set it on a platform because rain will splash up on the camera, so basically hung underneath some type of material. The mount that come with it will work. I still think the cameras are great. I really hope this works for you to combat bugs.

I’m sorry (JDC) but I do believe this to be a Blink camera problem. There’s something about these cameras that attracts flies. Not at night but during the day. It seems to be worse now that the cold weather has set in here in CT. Flies are actually attracted to the camera. They fly up to it and land on it many times a day. Sometimes they land right on the lens. I’ve had about 6 or 7 false alerts already today. And it’s not like we have an old stinky garbage can or old rotten food under the camera. Blink cameras attract them and I’ve found this to have gotten worse since the temps have been in the 30’s. I dont use the IR function so it has nothing to do with that. Also, it has nothing to do with the sensitivity settings. When a fly lands on the camera lens its going to set it off! When I have to shut off my cameras to ignore a false alert problem what good are they?

Since it happens in the day and mostly during colder temps what I think is happening is the cams, being black, are warmer than the outside air and this warmth is attracting the flies. I have white silicone skins on my cams, live upstate NY and don’t have the problem. Maybe you could try them and see if they help. They’re available on Amazon.

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Interesting, I live in Mass, about 5 min from the CT line, and have 10 outdoor cameras, and have not had 1 issue with insects…

Now there’s an idea I didn’t think of. It’s probably worth a try. Update; after allowing Blink email tech support access to my cam’s videos which had flies flies on them (you can actually see and hear the flies) they’ve actually gotten back to me saying they didn’t see the flies, lol, what a downright lie. Secondly, I’ve talked to tech support and they won’t admit to the fact they know it’s an issue, but I could almost sense the person knew there was. Offered no help at all.
I was going to try the memory stick storage today because me free cloud storage has ended but I’m afraid I’m going to go buy a stick and then find out I still have a fly issue. That would be a waste of money if I’m going to have to shut down my cams because of the flies. Do the skins actually surround the entire cam but the lens? I imagine they can’t be too expensive.

The skins cover most of the cam. The sides are fully covered and the front is all covered save for the lense and motion detector. The back is largely uncovered to make room for the mount and the power cord (if you use one). They’re cheap enough on Amazon (search for “Blink camera skin”) - just be sure to get the correct ones for your camera. They also show pix of how the skins cover the cam. Good luck.

Be aware that the case will cover the IR (I know you said you dont use it)

I do have a question though. Its Winter. Its freezing. I worked in my yard all the time. There is not a bug to be had. Like every winter.

Your bugs have to be coming from somewhere. Avg fly lifespan is likes 15 days. So where is your continuous supply of flies coming from? They have to be hatching from somewhere, and its way too cold outside for them.
Just saying, you would probably have better luck handling the flies, than the camera.


I couldn’t agree with you more. I never see flies this time of year either, except on my Blink camera videos. It’s really crazy and I can’t explain it either.