Indoor cam blinking red

I’ve never seen this and it happened so quick. I currently have my indoor cam disarmed. I walked by and the center of the camera started to blink red for couple of seconds. The camera works, battery shows OK, and it hasn’t happened again.

The batteries in there were swapped about the same time as my other cameras which are fine on battery life. Motion on this camera will arm when I am not home and I have no movement from this camera.

I’ll swap the batteries but is that the reason or is it something else?

I had exactly the same problem yesterday; indoor camera flashing red for a couple of seconds when disarmed. Battery shows OK.

I thought flashing red denoted a firmware update in progress. Might have been the one to rectify the green tint issue that some have been suffering?


@Kidkamel @Mike48 The cameras do flash a red light for a few seconds during a firmware update, so @suttyblink is absolutely correct. No need to worry, and you shouldn’t need to replace batteries unless the app says that they need to be replaced.


Blink Technical Support


Thank you for the follow up, I appreciate your reply.

Thank you!

Many thanks Adam. I should have realised. Impressed with the system and support.

I have had a camera stop working post a firmware update. I replaced the batteries, did a camera reset and still can’t get the camera to work. It continues to periodically blink red. Advice? Steps to fix?

UPDATE: dropped camera, replaced batteries, added camera - it did a firmware upgrade. Now works