Individual Camera schedules

It has been a request of Blink customers for several years now, when is Blink going to take action on it? Yes, I am referring to the ability to schedule different cameras to arm/disarm on different schedules. Even if it was a group of cameras say primary and secondary instead of 6+ cameras.
This feature would help Blink customers form getting notifications during times when occupied by internal cameras and improve the product.

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This is a heavily duplicated thread. Blink apparently has a list of features they’re looking into.

What people fail to realize is that blink is extremely small, just a handful of people. Things take a while to develop and push out, and they have to prioritize projects. They’re still pumping out new features, so we’ll see.

As an example on company size, how many employees does Blink have vs. Ring?

they are estimated around 15-20 employees. I have not researched Ring as a company.

Ring had 1300 employees as of 2018 (Google search). I suspect it’s higher now.

That is a 100:1 ratio. Granted Amazon owns both companies but resources, development, advertising, talent acquisition, etc…it is obvious where the future is or more importantly, where it isn’t. Don’t let your love for a company blind you to what reality really is.

That reality is…there is no way just 10-15 employees are running Blink. There has to be outside partners/help going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for a future announcement!

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of course they’ve probably outsourced things, such as logistics and Tier 1 CS.

Immedia Semiconductors was founded in 2009 - but “blink” wasn’t born until 2014 (with a kickstarter).

Ring (originally Doorbot) was founded in 2013, and made it’s big debut on shark tank in 2016.

I like the product, and am happy with where it is. I purchased it for what it’s features where at the time, anything else is a bonus at this point.

I mostly just don’t like people who assume they’re owed improvements on something that doesn’t cost any annual upkeep, and does what it advertised at point of sale - (note to OP, that’s not a stab at you, but others who come in here hot and heavy)


I think many people assume they are receiving updates for various other apps and cloud-based services for free, so why not blink? In reality, if you’re not being charged an ongoing fee for a product/service, it’s probably because your information is being harvested and sold. The app developer is going to make money off its customers somehow.

I am with you that I’m generally satisfied with what Blink can do based on what it was capable of doing at the time I purchased the product.


I agree with the original post. Scheduling for individual cameras is a need


You can actually do this, but it requires an additional sync module. In other words, perhaps they haven’t added individual camera schedule functionality because you can get it by purchasing additional equipment.

Can you do individual camera schedules with Ring mobile app? If so, Blink is being kept stupid to match price point lower than Ring. If you give Blink more features/benefits at Blink price, Amazon cash cow goes down with less Ring sales.