Incorrect password

All I did was change wifi password and now sync module won’t work, it continues to say password is possibly wrong or mistyped. The new password has worked with all other devices except Blink. I have been on the phone for hours with 2 different techs as well as emailing to no avail. I’m getting very peeved.

If I were faced with that issue, I would change the password back to what I originally had, just to prove that there was no issue with the sync module for the actual set-up process. Either that, or make it a super simple one, like password, just for the duration of the test.

That way you can call tech support, and explain that it definitely still works, but will not accept the new password. If it does, change it once more to a more complicated one, and if that works, change all your other devices to the one that works for Blink.

We did that too. Both changing it back as well as making a simple password and even changing the network name, forgetting wifi network, etc

Oh, you didn’t mention any of that. What was the outcome of those tests?

Just to be clear…we’re talking about the 2.4GHz SSID password, correct?

That’s what I thought we were talking about. Let’s see. lol.

  1. Start at Home.

  2. Click the icons for the Sync Module.

  3. Change the Wi-Fi Network.

  4. Wait for a while and re-connect to the device you were using, but use your new password.
    5 In that way, Blink is rather secure. Personally, I would go into my router and change the SSID names, enter the password you want, and reboot the router.

  5. It scares me when you say “all of your other devices connected” because, in theory, if the password changes the old profile on the computer is worthless. Remove it and start over.

Do a quick search on how to remove old Wi-Fi profiles. That’s a Windows feature, but easy enough to do.