Improvements/Upgrades Question

I’m a new Blink user and so far am loving it. I’ve suggested an improvement or two to the company and am seeing a lot of other suggestions that I would love to have added to the system. My question is, though, with all of these potential improvements to the cameras and the system, would this be something that an app update would fix or would we have to purchase new cameras that would come with these features?

Seems like that would depend heavily on what the feature is, exactly.

Although there are a lot of suggested features that would be great for the system, the features I was most curious about would be 1) Being able to view the live feed while it’s recording or being able to record what you are watching on the live feed, so if someone knocks at your door you can pull up the live feed while it’s recording and see who it is instead of waiting until it’s finished recording and the person has potentially left. This, I think, would help a lot of people who have the cameras set for longer record times as well. And 2) being able to mask certain sensor zones to adjust what areas you’d like to set off the motion detection.

Hi @rfav,

Thanks for your question and welcome to Blink! It seems that the suggestions you put forth wouldn’t require new hardware but does require much more than just app changes. Although I am not an engineer, I know that features like motion zones and changes to live feed require significant alterations for our server team. Although the changes may just appear in the app, there would likely be a lot of back-end changes that need to occur, making these features a little more complicated than they seem.

I hope this answers your question!

I too, am curious about recording a live feed. When I am watching the live feed, I can see something suspicious in the distance. However, not enough movement for the motion detector to be triggered. I was looking for a record button, which would allow me to start recording manually, as I am on the live feed. Is this possible? I am sorry if this is sounding redundant, I just want to confirm :slight_smile:

Hi @DodaMoe,

At the moment, it is not possible. However, it is a highly requested feature and possibly something we could see in the future!

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If you own an android phone here are a few apps that let you record from your screen. Hope this helps?

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