IFTTT not connecting to Blink (europe)

When I try and connect the blink app through the IFTTT app, I input my email and password. It goes through then it just shows me a message “Not connected”. The sign-in screen also had “Invalid Login” in red text, even before I put in my email and password. I tried it through a PC but it the results were the same.

I had selected the Blink for US customers in IFTTT first by accident and I could sign in through there. Maybe it’s not letting me connect because I had that first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Same problem in France.
Impossible to connect the xt2 blink to the ifttt blink account…
What is the solution ?

I’m in the UK and was having the same issue whilst trying to connect. Instead of using Blink, I used “Blink (Europe)” and it work

I’m in the UK and having problems with the INVALID LOGIN too (using Blink Europe).
It let me login once before - so I don’t know why it’s having issues now.
Triple checked the login details.
So far I can arm my camera using Google Home but cannot disarm!

Looking forward to a work-around or Blink fixing the glitch.