IFTTT motion trigger with new Blink Outdoor cameras working?

Has anyone gotten the IFTTT motion trigger to work with the new (3rd generation) Blink Outdoor Cameras?

If so, can post in here because I suspect it’s all of them, but may be region specific so please post your region.

Thank you!

Hi Brandon, I only just got an outdoor, 3rd generation, so haven’t tried IFTTT yet. I’ll do so now, just to see. I had read by others that it did not work.

So, I made an applet, on motion from new outdoor camera, turn on Meross smart plug.

Went to trigger the camera, waited, and waited and waited. App settings reported, ran 0 times, and plug did not come on.

Edited the applet to read, on motion from my older XT2 front door cam, turn on Meross smart plug.

Went out to trigger the cam. Came in, plug was on. Refreshed the applet, and it said ran 1 times.

I’ll raise a ticket, and suggest you do the same.

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I did several days ago and still waiting for a reply.

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Hi ive set up three IFTTT applets and I get motion alerts from mini lounge camera to Echo devices but the two applets (one for each external camera) doesnt provide motion alerts to my Echo devices ?

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So after several emails wasting my time by having me disconnect and reconnect the Blink service to IFTTT, they finally emailed me the truth when I told them it doesn’t work for anyone anywhere, not just me…

"Hi Brandon,

Sorry about it but the feature you are trying to do with IFTTT is not fully supported.

What IFTTT can do with the blink system is the geofencing.

Brandon, I will be raising a support ticket for this issue, but right now I’m in the middle of one, where I’m already going in circles, and getting nowhere. As soon as the one I’m on is clear, could be weeks, based on the responses so far, I will put in another ticket for IFTTT with outdoor.

As for what they told you, that is patently nonsense. IFTTT is their supported solution, and this feature works on prior cameras. It is simply an oversight by not creating the appropriate links from their servers, for the new range of cameras. Even if it’s at IFTTT’s end, for not monitoring for the push notification correctly, on the new range of cameras, it’s still Blink’s responsibility to work with IFTTT, when they say it is a supported solution.

Good luck, I sent them a reply complaining that they are wasting people’s time by misleading them and this is the response…
"Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your response.

We’re sorry for the confusion, IFTTT will not detect motion.

Let me know if you still have questions or concerns.

So it looks like they know and they either have no plans to fix it, or had no intentions to implement it.