IFTTT going "Pro", limiting # of applets on free tier to 3

This will cost $10 pcm, which seems very high to me.

An alternative method to programatically access Blinks would be good - some sort of API?

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It would be great for them to allow third-party integrations like they once did, but to be honest, they really don’t care. I have a huge dislike for IFTTT, but right now, it’s my only integration option and at this point, I’m going to have to pay the fee at least for a little while until I decide what to do.

As a Blink user for years, it’s obvious they’re more or less in support mode - their “new” products are generally rehashes of the old stuff in new cases and with new “features” which are artificially limited to newer models.

How about it Blink? With IFTTT now charging a monthly fee for more than 3 apps, are you going to give us more options?

As annoying as IFTTT is it did at least give me the option to disarm and arm my cameras.

I will not be paying for IFTTT. Therefore I will not be able to arm or disarm my cameras any more from my home automation system? I don’t count Alexa support - I don’t really want to tell Alexa to arm and disarm my cameras each time I leave the house or come home.

Is Blink going to offer any other way to interface with the system? If not, then I have 6 used Blink cameras for sale.

Pretty disappointing to see this issue brought up and radio silence from Blink in response. IFTTT was always a lackluster option, and with the new subscription model, Blink’s overall integration options are very poor. I won’t be buying another camera until this situation improves, and I’ll be actively looking to replace my entire setup in the meantime.

I had a whole bunch of applets, but most were just nice to have. Three are important to me, and a fourth was fairly important. I’ve had to bite the bullet and trim it down to three. It’s annoying, but I’m not keen on paying.

That having been said, they’ll probably all end up subscription at some point in the not too distant future.

There’s now an option to name your own price - as low as $1.99/month for life.
I’m not happy, but it’s better than $9.99

Thanks Richard. I did see that, but I’m such a cheapskate, when I saw the ‘name your price’ e-mail, I followed the link. When I further saw the box, enter the amount here, I was about to, until I saw “Minimum, $1.99.” Might be only $1.99 a month, but my brain immediately goes, £20 a year for something that I thought was free, no chance.

Certainly is much better that $9.99 pcm, but still not enticing enough for me. I’ll have to manage, until they also take the three free ones away too.

Was just pondering. I wonder if it’s possible to have multiple accounts on IFTTT to get my nice to have one back. I’ll register another account, using a different e-mail, and see if they are smart enough to cross reference the other linked accounts, for which obviously Blink will have to stay the same. I’ll report back.

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It works - I set up two accounts and connected them both to the same Blink system and I was now able to get 6 applets. I only needed 4 - arm and disarm my two blink control modules so I am happy.

I am not happy, however, that I am limited to using the lame IFTTT service to interact with my Blink cameras. Or that I cannot trigger applets when the Blink system arms and disarms so I know the status when I use the app. But that rant has been going on ever since Amazon bought the company and I assume that an API is simply not happening. Still looking for better wireless camera systems.

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Yes, it worked for me too. I just didn’t have chance to report back sooner.