Icon to display when on USB power?

Just wondering if there is some way to tell when your micro USB is connected and powering your Blink XT? My XT is mounted outside in front at top of front window and I have run a micro usb up to it and have it plugged in. There is no way of knowing if something happens to plug by looking in the app.


Are you also running the batteries?

Hey @Oldschool61, that’s a great idea! There has been similar discussion about the ability for cameras to detect they are on wall power, and extend the live view length/remove the “Continue” button. Please keep in mind, that wall power will always precede battery power, if both are being used.

In terms of implementing this indicator, how do you think it should look in the app? Should there be a little plug symbol next to the battery indicator, or replacing the battery indicator? Let me know what you think!

Some threads that have discussed this:

Just a simple lighting bolt through a battery icon would be fine.

Yes I have the batteries installed. Just I need corded power because of very high activity in front of camera. Battery would last less than 2 weeks.

You might try taking them out with it plugged in and see what the battery indicator reads.

As far as location, I am thinking on the main app screen for each camera. Like just left of the settings icon. It could be either a battery or a plug.

That way we don’t have to go into the settings of each camera to check them.


How’s the USB power icon coming???

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No update on this? ITs been awhile now!!!

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Any update on this feature?

Hi @BLaw,

Unfortunately, I do not have an update at this time.

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So to expand on this a bit, from a features perspective, it would be VERY nice to know when the Blink cameras are being powered by USB vs battery. I’ve installed mine outside, with batteries installed as a backup in the event of power failure, but you never 100% know which source it’s using. Since these are mounted outside, I use GFCI outlets, which could trip periodically due to moisture, humidity, etc., even though I’ve mounted my USB charger inside a waterproof housing. Knowing that something happened would be great, vs having to periodically check to see if the indicator light is still OK on the outlet itself.

Just showing power being supplied via USB would be a start. If you want to go above and beyond, provide a way to alert based on power source transition (i.e. GFCI trips, or someone nefarious unplugs the camera). Taking it to the nth degree, when going from line power to battery, allow a way to immediately start recording, in the event that someone is tampering with power or the camera or power itself.

When recording from a camera that’s on USB power, it would be very useful to have a “record until no movement” option as well (i.e. if someone hangs out on the camera for 5 minutes doing whatever, keep recording, as it would not impact the battery life). Same would go with a setting in the app to enable “continuous viewing when on USB power”, so that it doesn’t repeatedly ask if you want to continue viewing.

Thanks for entertaining the above suggestions. I really like my Blink setup, and would love it if the above happened. :slight_smile:


Not only would it be a great feature to have an indicator, but it would also be helpful to have the camera act differently as @cabersc mentioned… Possibly also be quicker to start recording since it wont be in a low power mode. I must say, i’m losing a little faith in Blink here…

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having the option to run in a higher performance mode when on USB power peeked my interest on this.

+1 for this feature.