I want 6 Blink Indoor and 4 Blink XT Weatherproof

Requesting your suggestion how to buy 6 Blink Indoor and 4 Blink XT Weatherproof.

And as because it’s a 2 storied house, I want to configure the ground floor on alarm when I am sleeping in my bed upstairs. Do I need to purchase 2 sets of Indoor (with Sync) and XT outdoor (with Sync) ?

OR is it with a single Sync will work and add additional cameras?

And if I purchase online is it possible to get them delivered in Australia?

I have multiple Blinks inside and outside on just 1 sync module. I use SmartThings to define the parameters of each camera separately with the ability to customize my notifications for each camera separately. I can also set these parameters according to real time events such as:

If motion is detected but we are home and the time is between x and y
Then set video length to 3 secs, set retrigger time to 60 seconds

But-if we are home and the front, back, side or garage has not been opened within the last hour
Then set video length to 30 seconds, set retrigger time to 10 seconds, send notification “whatever you like”

If Home Alarm is set then arm all cameras and so on…

Blink cameras really shine with SmartThings and a couple of extra sensors. Well worth the extra $100!

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Thanks for your feedback.

So, Is it possible to buy from Australia?

Yeah, but it’s not official.

I don’t think you can buy directly from
Blink in Australia.
Try amazon, or maybe eBay for second hand if you’re willing to consider that.