Okay, so this is going to take some time. I am a programmer in the Technology field. I work at Oracle, and I have NEVER had a problem like this. Here we go… I bought the Amazon Echo 5 Plus Mini Blink Camera Bundle because Amazon and Blink advertised it as a system that is meant to work together. I did this last Thursday. I am an expert at Amazon products, including Alexa and the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show etc. I know how to download apps, enable them in Alexa, and I know how to use the Smart Home function on the Echo Show (I have used it for wireless automatic lights etc. since the system came out). So, I know what I am doing. Problem is, the Echo Show will NOT show the camera(s). Oh they show up in the Smart Home menu on the Echo Show 5, but they show disabled (they are not disabled - read on). If you click on any camera in the Smart Home screen, the screen says “Waiting for Blink” for a few seconds, and then the Echo Show says, “I am sorry. There must be a problem. I do not know what happened there.” And they DO show up in the separate Blink app on my phone, so I know that they are working. I have done EVERYTHING. I have moved my router close to both the Echo Show and the cameras, I have researched the problem on the Internet, I have deleted and re-installed everything on every device (eg, un-enabling and re-enabling the skill on Alexa, deleting the cameras and re-installing them, etc.). Literally nothing works. So, I contacted Amazon Technical Support and they opened a ticket - the result?! I just received this message: that either a firmware/software update for the Echo Show OR for the Blink Mini cameras OR for the Blink app “hopefully will solve the problem in the future”. And I am scared: because the whole Internet and every review I read on every Technical forum says the same thing - the Echo Show does NOT work with the Blink cameras. I need either help. Also, to make matters worse, I bought ADDITIONAL Blink Mini cameras thinking that it MIGHT just be a hardware issue AND, I also returned my Echo Show 5 and received a replacement and STILL no difference. So, what are we going to do next? How can Amazon and Blink sell products that the whole Internet seems to realize do not work with each other as advertised?

My expert opinion is you’re a programmer for Oracle (cha-ching) yet you went cheap azz and bought Blink. Now you can’t believe that all Blink products don’t work with echo show.

What I want to see is the add that sucked you into the combo meal purchase. Who’s leading buyers astray? Amazon, Blink, or did yet another customer make an uneducated bad assumption.

In all of this, don’t hit it with a bigger hammer trying to get it to work. Rather, return it and move on. Spend more money on a more robust feature rich product.


Hope you type code with a little more formatting :wink:

EDIT: Just re-read and I have XT2 so might be different for Mini’s

I have managed to get Blink working with Echo show… I can even get it to show on my tv using firestick … but pressing Alexa button and saying “Show Front door” or other cameras…

I have a couple of Neo cameras too… that work same way… Thinking about it I haven’t tried my smaller Echo Show … but definitely works on my bigger Echo Show… Will try later and report back…

I remember reading about someone having to change the video quality for the Blink camera to “Saver” for the Echo Show 5 to be able to show the camera. Larger screen Echos don’t seem to have this problem. Give that a try and report back.

I did a little more research. No false advertising, nobody leading people astray, but yet a newbie customer with very high end programming skills couldn’t make it work. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

This is the Echo 5 with Blink mini bundle from Amazon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBTJ6AbjEDM

This is a video showing not only how to set it up, but also demonstrates that these two devices do indeed work together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBTJ6AbjEDM

I don’t have either device and have no interest in indoor cameras nor smart home items. My android phone does way to much listening and spying on me already. However, what I have noticed after being in this community forum for a couple of years is most Blink problems are related to user errors and user network conflicts/issues. The rest of the problems are Blink hardware failure and Blink mobile app update bugs.

My expert opinion now is use the KISS method to get it to work. Keep it stupid simple. For test and startup success, have ONLY that blink mini and echo show running on your wifi network. That confirms or denies hardware problem or not. If it now runs, then you know your previous/existing setup had conflict issues.

I’d hedge a guess an Oracle programmer has all kinds of goodies running on his wifi network. Blink uses this software tool for remote help diagnosis. It may come in handy for your own troubleshooting. https://routethis.com/