I Love It But

I bought a Blink XT camera to monitor 2 rescue hedgehogs
I foster in my garden. The camera is great, good quality pucture, picking up their movements at night but 2 things bug me.

  1. My wife and I both want to access the camera at the same time, but it only allows one of us to access it at a time. Can this not be fixed to allow multiple users to access the camera at the same time?

  2. We like to watch the live feed but it is annoying to have to click continue every 30 seconds. I guess this is to stop battery drain but there should be an option to watch it continuously if you want. Can this not be changed for those not overly worried about battery life?

I would get more cameras but these limitations put me off.

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My wish is for time stamp in the video.

I think you bought the wrong product for what you want to do. The product is not “broken” - that’s how it works.