I have an annoying gray box on my screen

I have this really annoying gray box on my screen. This is the second day of using it and it was working normally until it just popped out of no where.

Any help would be appreciated.

Press the camera icon again.

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same thing

and what happens when you press the camera icon again?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Don’t worry all your cameras and settings will still be there.

It just takes the picture.

and, the new picture also has a grey rectangle?

still none

OK, is this just on one camera or all of them? I suspect you have a defective camera. You will need to contact tech support for a replacement. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

maybe move the grey square off the porch?


In the photo you provided, there is no evidence/example of a really annoying gray box. Upload a screenshot of what you are experiencing so others can help you. So far, the people are guessing/assuming what the annoying gray box is.

You need to look again Joel. It would annoy me, if it wasn’t just a digital artefact that could be cured by taking another snapshot. Look closely to the bottom right of the lion’s base.

OP, if it’s still there after having taken another snapshot, you need to contact support.

Guys I have fixed it. What worked for me was to delete the camera off the app and then add it back through the process. Then Boom fixed. I assume it’s a bug in the system that corrects itself when you redo the process. Thank you all for helping!


Yup I missed the gray box by lion statue. No idea what that would have been especially when using the camera icon for a new snapshot produced the same result.

The delete camera and re-add camera back to system has worked for me in the past also to reset problems with a particular camera. For me it has been motion detection and IR filter quit working. The reset during camera re-add was the trick to fix. Weird but obviously some kind of reset happens. Who knows, it may be a force to push out a firmware update may happen also.

Anyway for delete then re-add, you can change the order of cameras as they are displayed on the mobile app.

When setting up the motion zones you have gone onto privacy zones and you get a expandable box or boxes to block out areas on cameras viewing field…like neighbours or street that can cause issues with gdpr etc.

You’ve erased it now anyway by restarting app. But the grey boxes are blocked privacy areas that you can add. X