I forgot how to turn off the blue recording light

I’m having a problem with critters hearing the click that the cameras make and then they see the blue recording light on. They’re knocking my cameras down and chewing on the infrared cover. Not to mention I have some that I’d like to remain hidden. Can someone please tell me?

Open back cover and switch is in battery compartment!

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Thank you so much. I’ll just put some black electrical tape over the lights so that I won’t have to repicture and set up my gray areas again.

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I have opened my camera case. There are no switches inside. What is the next option for turning off the blue record light.

Look again. There is definitely a switch inside the XT and XT2 cams to turn off the blue light. It’s a little white switch on the circuit board. This feature is not available on the old, white indoor cams.

Put a small piece of black electrical tape over it.

Not for all types of cameras, for white (inside) cameras we don’t have a switch(((

He was asking about the XT and XT2 cams not the white indoor one. You are correct - there is no switch on the white indoor cams.

It’s mean I can’t turn OFF blue led?

I covered mine with white tape.

No. Cover it with tape.

Thank you

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