I deleted by accident

I emailed they requested information, I responded with the requested information…but still nothing/

Hi @Joneta, I’d like to assist you, but we need some more information. What was deleted?

Das Synk Modul ist mit einem anderen Konto verknüpft wie bekomme ich es in ein neues Konto

If the sync module is registered to a previous account, then you must have purchased used. The original owner will have to de-register those items from their account before you can make use of them. If they cannot accommodate your request, return them as items which cannot be used as described.

Having the same issue, deleting one of my cameras since it didn’t respond and when trying to add it again got the message” camera serial already registered this account” how can I resolve it?

If that camera was already registered to you, and to the email address you have already been using with it, contact Blink support who will be able to release it for you.

Obviously there was some sort of hiccup during the delete process, and that part hasn’t gone through correctly. Blink support are the only ones who can help.