Human Technology

We need the “Human Technology” that other security systems, like Vinint has.
The motion sensors go off if there is a bug, a bird, a moving light in the close distance, a spider web, a leaf falling and other assorted things.
I wind up deleting about 20 items a day. We have 9 XT2 cameras. Please incorporate this into an upgrade.

Fess up, Vivint is how much more expensive than Blink? I’m willing to bet the pro install fee costs more than Blink.

Blink is cheap and dumbed down for a reason. Price point. It’s users are tightwads like me.

Probably true. But we have 2 parklike acres with lots of activity we did not know about and never did a market survey. The deer are beautiful. Also we installed The Blinks except 2. We bought a solar panel and spotlight combo so we would not have to change batteries. It’s just some clear silicone and screws. Setting them up is through the app. If you are looking check out the other companies that offer human technology. I did not know that existed or I would have searched different security systems. We originally checked ring and simplidafe safe but wanted 2 way audio n video so when we go on vacation we could talk to our pets as well as see them. This 2 companies did not have that and when Blink was recommended and had that, we jumped on it. Good luck with whatever you pick.

I just did a thorough search on their site and google. Installation of the camera is with simple screws, so you can get a handyman to do it for about $25 per camera…BUT I just read: you don’t have to be bothered by neighbor’s cars. DUH? That is exactly why I want it to see who is coming up my 300 ft driveway around the house and parking area. Another annoyance of blink, it did not register certain random cameras and we have multiple sync modules for each area. It’s a cool system but flaws need to be fixed. Whatever you buy, search it out completely…do not rely on their Website as they are geared to sell you on the goodies.

Do your homework before you buy
Do your homework after you buy
Guess which one costs more money in the long run. You don’t have to guess, you already know.