I installed my blink cameras a little more than two weeks ago. I use a VPN with my mobile phone and until yesterday when I was unable to view cameras in my app (white screen for each camera) and got the error HTTPS 406, had no problems. The first representative told me it was most likely because the VPN software had been updated so I tried a different VPN and got the same error code. The only update that took place was done on blinks side. I spoke to a manager today who told me a security update went through which as a result won’t allow VPNs to be used, since VPN’s use different locations. I can’t believe that. Customers have to trade the online security of a VPN in order to view cameras in their app. That makes no sense. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Turn your VPN off, does it work? If not, it’s something else. If it does work, as a workaround, can you create an exception for Blink, until it’s resolved?

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just discovered an issue with my system. camera pages greyed out and getting Network Failed error. Was confused as Sync Module ok and online etc. I emailed Tech Services. I use NordVPN on my mobile, so I disconnected it … all is well ! Cameras live feed ok and Motion Clips all current. I reconnected NordVPN all ok now. Bizarre!!

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I had the same issue of not being able to connect when on my phones data. I use McAfee and the VPN was causing the HTTP 406 error. It was a simple fix in the McAfee VPN settings and easy enough to turn on and off to allow using the Blink App, you also you can give just the Blink App an exception. Hope this helps, worked for me with McAfee.


I had this problem with my VPN Speedify. They recently created a new bonding mode called “Streaming” and changed my settings in an update. I changed the bonding mode back to “Speed” and the Blink system works well again. No more gray screens. I hope this helps even if you do not use Speedify.
UPDATE: Unfortunately that only fixed the problem for a few minutes. Then it was HTTP 406 again, I’m not happy with Blink right now. Arlo stinks and now Blink stinks. I will not give up my VPN

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Thank you for this. Didn’t know I could turn off certain apps in McAfee VPN. Very helpful!

Same issue. I am also NOT happy with blinkstinks right now. It’s foolish for me to give up my VPN. I have no exceptions option thus far on mobile app. Annoying to ask customers to turn VPN off.

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Recently changed internet providers. Due to this I had to reset my blink cameras. No problem. About a week later (today) I couldn’t view my cameras or turn any on or off. Read this thread and tried turning off my vpn and it worked. So I must choose between my household security or my online security. Really stupid of either security company to force me to choose.

Never used or seen any VPN solution that did not allow exceptions. Are you sure yours doesn’t?

I am on vacation and have been using blink just fine up until today and started getting this http 406 error. Of course I cannot do a reset on the module if I am not at home. This system currently is not providing me with the security that I purchased it for.

If you are not home, you can’t diagnose it, you can’t reset it, you can’t fix it. Blink runs on YOUR home network. All the other styles and brands that run on a consumer’s home network will have the exact same problem. Your network goes down, so does your home security.

So your next choice is a fully wired system that records directly to a hard drive. No home network involved. But how do you monitor that type of system remotely without using the internet? You don’t, Even this type of system needs a network with IP addresses for remote monitoring on your mobile device.

Next up, an old system like ADT. You pay them to do the remote monitoring and they get a hold of you and the police when something is wrong/detected. Nobody wants this anymore as it costs way too much money in monthly fees. The cops always show up long after the bad guy is gone. You hope you have good video of the bad guy that is recored. Guess what, the bad guys is dressed like Antifa and the bad guy has a timer going so he is gone before crap hits the fan.

So go all the way back to the beginning of your Blink installation. One of your tests before you go live and trust it is…pull the power cord on your home network. Does that network as well as Blink come back up and go online all by itself. Mine does and so do many other owners off Blink. If yours doesn’t, you need to find out why and fix it.

Thank you Joel. Excellent explanation and I am sufficiently shamed! And Happy to report that the system came back online a few hours following my post.

Tone = shame
Content = priceless education

Techs and engineers should never ever talk to customers as their tact and tone is often too harsh and belittling.

Sales people should always talk to customers as their tone and tact is often perfect, polished. Unfortunately sales people feature a split tip silver tongue that lies to their own mother.

You already know which one I am. Glad you got it up and running again.