How to Resurrect Sync Modules that will not connect

First I would like to explain that I have had 5 (yes 5) sync modules fail over the almost 12 months that I have had the Blink system - some of them wouldn’t work at all, some of them worked then failed during operation and then two of them would not reconnect no matter what I did after I had to (very reluctantly) disconnect them - praying that they would connect again and of course they didn’t want to reconnect.

The frustration anyone is having with this will not equal the stress I went through and only a few days ago I went shopping for a complete new competitor solution - but none matched what my Blink system was capable of for my purposes.

So first of all I need to thank Kevin at Blink for his break through ideas which I will progress towards shortly.

Please NOTE I have no technical expertise so some of these steps may be ‘argued’ whether or not they are needed but this is what I did and it worked on ALL 5 FAILED sync modules.

First of all it is obvious that you should check you have all your other ‘stuff’ (computer, laptop, etc) working well with your modem/router and ensure that you have no issues. If you have a dual channel modem/router with 5Ghz and 2.4ghz Kevin at Blink suggested that I turn the 5Ghz off - which I did. This immediately helped the app to find the correct 2.4ghz network.

Also, ensure that your Serial numbers on ALL components have the 3rd digit matching (this is the region identifier). Mine is a Zero on everything and this is the USA region number that works in Australia. UPDATE: I have been assured by others at Blink that although the 3rd digit of the serial number DOES indicate the region, the matching of the 3rd digit is not as important as the region matching. That is, a different 3rd digits should work provided it is for the same region. All my 3rd digits match so I can’t personally confirm this. USA has a few different numbers so it may be something other than a zero.

The next suggestion was to place the Samsung Android mobile phone next to the Sync module and turn on mobile data (unlike most other people I do not access data on my mobile phone so this was new to me). Then I create a hotspot to tether to myiPad mini 4. I used the Blink app on my iPad to do the set up. Note: when using the iPad Blink app when told to ‘Retry’ you will notice the option to try to connect manually highlighted - try that option it can work.

I did this for 3 of the Sync modules and they immediately connected and did a Sync module update. I then went to the Cloud icons on the bottom of the app and tapped them. Next select change wifi and follow the prompts but this time select the normal home modem wifi channel. The Sync modules should try to connect BE PATIENT leave the Sync modules connected even after it tells you to retry - a couple of the modules connected AFTER I was told to retry.

For two of the sync modules this did not solve the problem. I have an Android mobile phone and an Apple iPad mini 4 with a SIM card in it. So I changed the hotspot to my Apple iPad and used the Android phone Blink app instead and again waited after being told to ‘Retry’ THEY CONNECTED!

One last tip - if these steps don’t work. Unplug the module, find the ‘factory reset’ tiny switch next to the USB plug (use a paper clip or something small) hold in the switch - you can feel it click - whilst still holing it in reconnect it with the power and keep holding until the red light flashes. The module is now reset and try again.

I cannot answer any technical questions but after lots of stress they all now work. The mobile hotspot idea seems to allow connection to be re-established in a way my modem didn’t allow - who knows why? Hope someone out there has the same result.


Thank you very much for taking the time and considerable effort and some expense to resolve Blink’s technical issues. I admire your perseverance and I feel the company should compensate you in your attempts to fix what they clearly cannot.

However, I am NOT GOING TO DO IT. I refuse to spend the money and effort just to fix technical issues that should NOT EXIST with a new product.

I demand a satisfactory resolution to the problems from Blink NOW.

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Totally agree. The entire process needs to be tightened up. I often spend way too much time reconnecting when there’s an issue, and I’m quite technical, This is a consumer product, and more effort needs to be expended on PnP.

Why can’t a sync module reconnect automatically? Reallly…why not?

There is one additional piece of information that I think might help some people with wifi extenders.

I have a ‘powerline’ wifi extender for one of my sync modules - without it I get a very weak signal back to the modem.

We have had a couple of summer storms and the power has been going off now and then.

Each time the power goes out and comes back on the first thing that restarts is the modem and then the powerline extender begins to restart. Interestingly, I noticed that the sync module automatically ‘sees’ the modem BEFORE the powerline extender has fully restarted and makes it’s connection with the weak modem signal rather than with the wifi extender.

It had me scratching my head trying to work out what was going on for a while because I knew the signal from the wifi extender was there and was very strong for that particular sync module (I used a wifi analyzer app on my mobile phone to check).

So if this happens to you and you find a weak signal on a sync module that’s normally showing a strong signal, let everything recycle and restart - I have found that everything normally restarts after a power outage. After everything is back on again UNPLUG the sync module in question and wait about 10seconds then plug it back in. This gives the sync module the opportunity to locate the stronger wifi extender signal you want it use.

I have successfully done this a number of times now and it works.

My only question to Blink is: this requires physical intervention of pulling the sync module out of the socket and is OK when I am home. I haven’t had the opportunity to somehow try this remotely whilst away and I am wondering if this can be achieved with the app should there be a power failure whilst away from home?
Can the app effectively ‘disconnect’ and ‘reconnect’ the sync module remotely?

Finally, I have to say, the Blink system for me is the best solution for my needs. It’s a little quirky in some ways but I have everything working and in my opinion it is worth the effort to get to understand the way it wants to work. I have much less hair than when I started but it now works and I am grateful to have this system in my home. I have had it for almost 12months now and so far the batteries are still showing ‘OK’ - a huge improvement for me over my old system that required recharging batteries every 2 to 3 weeks.

Good luck.

They normally do reconnect - mine do now - but if an update is being done and is interrupted it may cause an issue. But you can even resolve this.

Also, I have an iPad mini 4 that sometimes indicates that the sync module is not connected and the ‘retry’ message shows up on the app. But I noticed that despite the iPad error messages the sync module was steady yellow/green and steady blue (indicating that the sync module was working and connected). I checked the app on my Samsung android phone and it told me that it was working fine AND IT WAS. So if you’re able to see the correct lights showing it has connected. Try checking the app in another device. It has happened to me a couple of times.

You seem to be the only one that knows how to correct this issue so good job on your part. Since I am not as technical as you, and have not got a clue how to use the hot spot feature on my iPhone7, I am at a loss on how to use the steps you have indicated. So, I will try calling tech support and referencing your post to see if they can explain or walk me thru the process.

Just google it. There’s no doubt an Apple support article that can walk you through it.

I actually did google it this morning and did try it following the method you described using my iPad, and it did not work. Will try it tomorrow when I have more time.

I feel your pain honestly. Where are you located?

I am in Australia but would like to help you if I can. The main thing I found was to get my Sync modules connected by any means (via mobile phone data) because once I had it connected via my phone data plan/hotspot it then did an update. Once the Sync module was updated it found itself connecting easier via my modem/router as it should have normally.

I am very happy to help you with this if I can. But I am not a technician just a stubborn bugger that doesn’t give up easily.

Remember I have noted a couple of times that the iPad gave me incorrect ‘Retry’ notifications when connecting. If you see a steady yellow/green and solid blue it IS connected. I could prove this because I could connect via my Android phone. Good luck.

UDATE: I purchased another kit for my son to use. I thought that only the iPad gave the false ‘Retry’ when the sync module is actually connected (i.e. solid yellow/green light and solid blue light on sync module) - for the first time, that I have noticed, my Samsung Note 8 gave the same incorrect ‘Retry’ Message when the sync module was connected. I just closed the app and reopened it and it came good. I can imagine a number of people thinking that the sync module is not connecting when in fact it is connected due to this incorrect messaging on the installation process. As I have mentioned before - best give the installation a few minutes after getting any message to allow it to reset or turn off the app and turn it on and the connected sync module should be identified by the app.

Hi kentwoodjean,

I have just received (yesterday) a new 3 camera kit which I intend sharing some of the gear with my son. The other 2 cameras and sync module were ready to be installed and I did the usual installation process via the modem/router and AGAIN it did not work - I just wanted to confirm that I was about to embark on the same hopeless process again.

However, I set up my mobile phone to be a hotspot (tether or whatever you want to call it) and got my iPad mini 4 to connect to the internet via the mobile phone hotspot (my Samsung Galaxy note 8) and then commenced the installation via this set up - NOT via my modem/router.

I went through the process and when I was asked to connect to a wifi network I selected my Mobile Phone hotspot - the camera did an update immediately and worked! I am completely convinced that if you do have issues, do the set up via a mobile phone data hotspot/tether and it should work first go (keep an eye on the steady green/blue sync module lights for confirmation). You do not need to keep operating via your mobile phone once it is set up and working - this is just to get the system working and talking to Blink and getting the necessary updates downloaded - if any.

I have now done this with multiple sync modules and 7 cameras and all of them gave me trouble EXCEPT when I did the set up bypassing my modem/router. I am not a technician and do not know why but I expect that the modem has a lot more security settings on them and perhaps this is the problem?

Hope you get yours going after all the stress.


Thanks for your continued support. It took me a couple of attempts this evening but using your guidance, I finally got mine working. It just shouldn’t be this difficult. Glad you got yours going as well. So, from the USA to Australia, thank you again.

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Okay - So we moved and I disconnected my sync module and pulled down the cameras and two weeks later put in fresh batteries and began the setup that I’ve done a half dozen times in the last 5 years or more with my set up. This time, I could not get the sync module to connect. All the lights blinked correctly, the blink wifi connected, then it would not connect to my wifi and gave the evil red solid dot. I tried a dozen times, went to work the next day and stewed all day. Tonight, I cam home read this thread and tried a few things. One worked. The hard factory resent worked. By pressing in on the reset key while the sync module was unplugged, then keeping the reset key depressed while plugging it in until the blue light came on, then releasing it after about 8-10 seconds. The module then went through it’s normal routine and connected beautifully. Except for this blip, I’ve been pleased with the setup from many years ago and haven’t expanded beyond the 8 cameras and two sync modules on two separate sides of the house for outdoor cameras.

Having the same problem and have been calling for days now with no answer

What country are you using Blink in?

The original post in this thread details ways in which he was able to resurrect 5 different sync modules, which he had previously thought to have failed. Have you tried those suggestions?

In the absence of being able to get hold of tech support, maybe it’s worth a try in the meantime.

Poor show from support, but maybe there are many new users as a result of the pandemic, doing that job they never got round to, and maybe they are also struggling for staff?

I’m in the UK, and have always emailed any questions I have, and have always received a relatively quick response. Others report phoning is best, but this seems not to be your experience.

Hi, have you tried using the connection via a mobile phone or iPad hotspot using mobile data (bypassing the modem/router) described in the original posts about this issue? This is only needed to be done once to ensure the sync module gets updated - often this is the problem. Once updated the sync module should work as intended.

Good luck

I’m in the US

I did try

Yes I use my phone as a hot spot and also used my laptop as a hotspot without password security same result

Maybe you have a failed sync module. Good news is there are plenty of them for sale on Amazon, Ebay, etc.

You can also try using this software that Blink uses to do remote diagnostics.