How to disarm - while working around the home - - XT2 unit

Hello Folks,
this ~ seems~ simple enough…
How to easily dis-arm the unit while doing chores around the outside of the home… no need to record this mundane stuff.

Seems excessive to program the unit off (in the scheduler ) for a simple event/requirement like this.

Any ideas are welcomed

This is the XT2 outdoor unit ( 1st week of use); only using outside.


eeek… I think I answered my own question… just use the ‘disarm’ switch in the app( ooops).

Got it!

I almost had to think!

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Don’t know if you also have Samsung smart things, or any other smart home hub, but I’ve recently been using the motion sensors of Samsung within the house for that very issue:
. My wife stays at home with 3yr old but they’re always running around at different times on different day, so blink scheduling was out of the question… Now I just set up an automation in smart things (which is much like an internal iftt) where "if, between.8 am &5 pm, no motion is sensed for 20 minutes from kitchen sensor, OR family room sensor… THEN turn on (virtual ) “dummyblink” switch.
Then use iftt, smart things, and connect the turning on of dummyblink to the then of arming blink system…and conversely I set up a similar pair of smartthings and iftt automatons of the opposite: between those times if motion IS detected (inside the house, not to be confused with blinks outdoor Motion sensing), turn off dummyblink and subsequently iftt therefore turns off (disarms) the real blink.

Hope this helps

I have an Apple Watch and use IFTT widgets to arm and disarm my systems as needed. Quite convenient and no need to pull out my iPhone every time.