How to constantly run streaming on Echo Show 8


just received my new blink mini, and I I conncected to Echo Show using the blink skill. The video is well shown on the Echo display, just by the voice command, however after minutes (4 or 5… didn’t check) it stops and Echo’s home screen is up again.

Since it is a security cam, I wish to constantly run it on display, how can I fix it?


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Buy another product.

ceedee is right, this is not a security system, it is primarily a cheap motion activated, battery powered camera. Sounds like you need a hardwired cctv system.

the mini, is not battey powered but wired, and it can stream 24h 7/7 on its app on any ipad or iphone… it is not the cam to stop streaming, but the echo show that stop to display it.


Sorry, I missed it was a mini, but yeah, it’s still no security system. If they say it should be able to stream 24/7, then it should. If it doesn’t/can’t, call support, and if they can’t help you out, return it, because they have lied to you.

Is that your opinion/assumption or fact?
From reviews I read on, all the mini indoor camera can do is a fixed length of time (30 seconds?) for for live view. Gotta keep hitting the continue button if you want more live view.

Old thread but looking for similar info. In the Blink app you can stream indefinitely from a AC powered device. You have to keep prompting along the battery powered devices because it drains the batteries. Orig poster is right - the Echo show is terminating the session. I would also like to use this as a baby monitor and it is sold and reviewed as such. Any info from vendor or user group would be appreciated.

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Sorry so what was the consensus on this? Are you unable to have the Blink Camera screen on constant display on the Echo Show? Bought this to use as a baby monitor (like it’s advertised) but makes it difficult as you’re unable to constantly see what the baby is doing.

I have the same question. Really disappointed the Echo Show won’t let me show a continuous feed from the Blink Mini camera. It returns to the Home Screen after about five minutes. I bought it so I could have a live view to monitor the dog in the backyard. Hopefully a solution can be patched in thru a software update somehow?