How to change phone number assign to account

Hello… I already send an email about my issues to tech support and I can say I’m not too thrilled with no response from tech support as of yet… I did a factory reset on my phone and afterward reinstalled the apps but I couldn’t get logged into Blink, so I changed the password which was the issues but afterward when I try to log in its saying something about sending me a code but the number Blink has on my account is not in service so I can’t get the code. How can I either have my phone number change or get the code?

Call Blink tech support and tell them to have email ONLY for the account verification. Others have done this in the recent past with success.

Ok thanks and I will try again with their phone service seem to be down right now. tried twice already

Once again call Blink and no respond, this is getting really upsetting

Are you in the U.S.? I just tried the support number in the U.S. and got through with no problem. Of course I can’t speak for the help abroad. Keep trying as tech support is the only way to resolve your problem (that I’m aware of). Good luck.

Even of you’re in USA, remember its a holiday weekend, its biden bucks vs. actually working for a living. Realized many employers are understaffed to way understaffed. Retail inventory on store shelves is getting thin also. Pay extra attention these problems are everywhere.

No, I’m in Canada but I believe its the same number as in the states 781-332-5465 always getting no agents available. Is that the same number you used?Thanks

Yes, that’s the number I used. All I can say is keep trying. Good luck.

Thanks for that and you were right I finally got tech support. So, its all good… Thx

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