How to automate arm/disarm

How do I automate arm and disarm the blink system?
I have already tried IFTTT, but it is no stable and “forgets” to either arm or disarm depending on my location is either home or away.
I can’t find support in SmartThings and Google Home. And I have not Alexa.

Scheduled arm/disarm is available, but not based on location, which is what you ask about. IFTTT was fantastic at doing this in conjunction with Life 360, but Life 360 stopped supporting IFTTT, so IFTTT pulled them from their platform.

When I first tried this, at least a couple of years ago, I used the native IFTTT geolocation, and found it to be so flaky as to be useless, but, Life 360 is now gone, so I had no choice but to revisit IFTTT’s own version.

The place I use it, I have not been able to go for months, and the very first time I did, last week, IFTTT failed, both triggering when I arrived, and triggering when I left. In around 2 years of use, Life360 never once failed. When I got back, I did some reading, and found that for reliable performance, you not only have to have the IFTTT app installed on your device, with location services enabled, but you need to have set the IFTTT app to be allowed to be always on. Makes sense, and I expect it to resolve it, but so far I haven’t been back to check if it has.

I’ll soon start going weekly and will know for sure if it works. If you haven’t done those few things, IFTTT app installed, allow always on, and location services enabled, then why don’t you give it a try.

Try using your home wifi as a trigger to arm/disarm the system:
IF connect to (home wifi) THEN disarm blink.
IF disconnect from (home wifi) THEN arm blink.

Geofenceing sux.

After having attended my cabin earlier today, I can confirm that what I described in my earlier post has indeed worked. For the first time, IFTTT managed to disarm and then rearm my system, bang on time. Disarmed as soon as I arrived, within the set circle, and the opposite when I left. It would seem that the suggestions I read about on IFTTT forum, does indeed make their geolocation a reliable trigger.