How to add pin number after module is set-up and working

I recently added a second sync module but didn’t add a pin number during set-up. I would like to use one for the Alexa disarm command. I reinstalled the sync module but it never offered me a chance to include a pin number. Apparently I’m over looking something. Any suggestions appreciated.

Jerry - I think the pin is not a Blink pin but an Alexa pin. It’s a pin number you assign to Alexa to disarm the system. I’m not sure how it works with 2 sync modules as I don’t use the feature.

That sounds correct, but I disabled the module from the Alexa app and reinstalled it and it never requested a PIN number. The first module that I installed asked for a PIN number somewhere along the line and it works in the Alexa app.

I’m wondering if you can only have one “system” controlled by Alexa and that’s why you don’t get asked for a second PIN.

I have three at home and a fourth at a remote site, and all systems can be controlled by Alexa.

All I have to say is the following:

Alexa, ask Blink to arm Garage, or Alexa, ask Blink to disarm Lounge. My pin is nnnn.

The pin is Blink wide, and not system specific. When I had to add an additional system, recently, all I remember doing is scanning for new devices in the Alexa app, and it found the extra sync module and camera, after they had already been added in the Blink app.

So one PIN for all modules and you just name the module (system) you want to control at that time. That makes more sense than my theory! LOL Thanks for chiming in!

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That worked! I tried asking Alexa to do that before but I must have phrased it wrong and it rejected the request. I never would have guessed that it was in the app and not in the module set-up. Thank you.


I need to correct myself. The pin number is actually in the Blink SmartHome skill in the Alexa app. By un-linking it and then re-linking the skill you can change your pin number.
I am just posting this to help anyone looking to add or change a pin number.

I have a similar type of issue. I would like to use my Echo Dot to disarm Blink. It is more convenient than using my phone. However I either did not set or don’t remember my PIN. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Blink in Alexa, but it seemed to ‘remember’ my original settings. There must be a way of fixing this. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have just disabled the Blink skill, and then re-enabled it, because the skill was confused about some of my devices, having swapped some around and renamed some. When I did so, I was told I would have to re-link Alexa to Blink. When I did this, and entered the Blink account and password, below this there was also a box for a PIN. You didn’t need the old PIN to set it. Didn’t fix my problem, because the skill remembered all my devices, including the non existent dodgy ones. My solution was to individually delete anything I didn’t want, with the skill still enabled, and then re-scan, but I thought I’d chime in because I had to set a PIN during this process.