How do I hook up my blink camera to Google Home?

Hi I have my blink camera hooked up to IFTTT on my Apple IOS devices which I can arm T disarm .
I would like to be able to have my Google home device control the Blink camera ,but have not been able to figure out how to do it . Does anyone have any ideas ?

Did you search the forum?

You will need to connect the Google Assistant service within the IFTTT app only, same as you did with Blink. Afterwards you would create an applet using Google Assistant(If you say…) as the “If This” and using Blink(arm/disarm) for “Then That”.

Did anyone get this to work?

Hi @Greg_Schwemer,

Currently, Blink does not support google home integration.

Is there any update for Blink to work with Google Home as I would realy like this to be an option as I have it all setup just want to link these to it


Just as a heads up I have managed to get it to work with Google assistant on my phone with the addition of IFTTT. I have been able to Arm and Disarm it so at least its a start

well done guys with IFTTT app installed on my phone and there was number of commands to choose to be available including use google assistant to arm and then again to disarm for blink (europe).

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I got this to work today myself. Created new recipe for arm/disarm just Blink. Not Blink Europe. Works well through IFTTT. Also requested for individual camera arm/disarm put in. Right now only supports these functions for entire system. Also want camera feeds + Google home integration.