How can I move my Blink system to a new location or WiFi network?

To move your system to a new location or WiFi network, you will reconfigure your Sync Module.

This process will wipe out all of the settings on your Sync Module and require you to enter your home WiFi credentials again. You need to be physically with your system to do this.

But don’t worry, your saved clips will not be deleted when you reconfigure your Sync Module.

To start, tap the Sync Module icon at the bottom lefthand corner of the app. You’ll be brought to a page with information about your Sync Module.

On this screen, tap “Change Wi-Fi Network”.

You’ll now be at the Sync Module setup portion.

You will see a screen that says what you will need before you begin. Here, you will need the serial number of your Sync Module, the network name and password that you’re going to be connecting to, and good signal strength to that router. When you have all of that, tap “Ready”.

Enter the serial number of your Sync Module, or tap the camera icon to scan it with your phone’s camera. Once the serial number has been entered, tap Continue.

The app will now ask you to plug in your Sync Module. Once you plug it in, wait about 30 seconds until you see a solid green light and a flashing blue light. When you have that light pattern, tap “I see a blinking blue light”. If you don’t have that light pattern, press the reset button on your Sync Module located next to the USB port.

You will now be directed to open up the Settings app on your phone and go to WiFi. Do that, and connect to the Blink-#### network.

Once you’ve connected to the Blink-#### network, go back to the Blink app by double tapping your home button and tapping Blink.

The app will pull up a list of available WiFi networks. Locate and tap your home WiFi network.

Carefully enter your WiFi password and tap Join on your keyboard.

Shortly after that, you’ll receive a message saying “Sync Module added!”. Once you receive that message, tap Done.

You’ll now be able to use your system normally again.

After typing in the serial numbers I get invalid serial number. I have three cameras and no matter which serial number I type I get the same “invalid serial number”. I even went back and used my phone to capture the serial number and got the same message. How do I get around this??

you’ll need to call tech support.