Hot camera battery drains

Second time this has happened to my indoor camera. The app told me to replace the batteries, which I did with the energiser lithium batteries, I use these batteries on my external camera and no issues.

I replaced the batteries on my internal camera and it didn’t change the low battery status. The camera worked for a couple of hours then died. It also started to get warm.

I contacted tech support via email and was told to delete the camera and reinstall it, add new batteries and it seemed ok. I went out and whilst out noticed the camera temperature was 102° so had to come home concerned the camera might melt or even worse cause a fire. The camera was very warm.

I rang technical support and have to say they were pretty much useless, I was told it was draining the battery because the camera had a poor signal to my WiFi and therefore using the batteries quicker! :flushed:. The camera was fine for over a year and is literally 10feet from my WiFi router.

Like I mentioned earlier this is the second camera I have owned that has done this, surely there is some kind of design fault with these cameras. I wasn’t offered a replacement as the camera is 15months old and out of warranty. I spent £8 on new batteries and now look like I need to buy a new camera.

Don’t think I’ll be recommending Blink and looks like I’m going to have to look for an alternative product as the current system certainly doesn’t give me peace of mind if the cameras are a potential fire risk.

Your experience with Blink support is not the norm with this type of fault. It is a known fault, and has been reported many times in this forum. Of course we can’t know how common it is, because there is no way to compare the number of reports to the number of units sold, but it is one of the more repeatedly reported faults.

High battery usage, to such an extent that the camera actually gets hot, is in no way normal. Frequent use of live view, or repeated recordings, is known to make them warm, but not hot, and not to drain the batteries in a few hours.

Fairly sure they normally take this type of failure very seriously, and I’m surprised they didn’t offer you a an immediate swap. Every other time I have seen this reported in this forum, they have swapped the camera out. Out of warranty or not, it won’t read well if one burst into flames, despite how unlikely this might be.

Maybe if I tag @Bob_at_Blink maybe he will reach out to you via PM and help you resolve your issue. Bob is the director of customer services.

Just because a device is only protected by warranty for one year, doesn’t mean that you don’t have every right to expect it to operate for considerably longer, and you certainly shouldn’t have to put up with worrying about if it’s going to catch fire, which clearly you were.

Under UK law you are protected from faulty or dangerous goods for 6 years, under your consumer rights with the manufacturer. The longer after the initial warranty period it is, the more difficult it is to prove it was a manufacturing fault, but at 15 months, you should have no issue, and the fact that we have seen this multiple times, proves there is a known and general issue, albeit not necessarily too

Thanks for the reply. The camera is hardly ever activated, it’s situated in my kitchen to cover my patio doors/garden. My garden has no access as it is totally surrounded by other gardens and property. The only time it’s been triggered is when I’ve walked in the kitchen and forgotten to disarm it.

It still had the origin blue batteries that came with the camera which was installed in April last year.

It’s worrying that over the last 2 years I’ve had 4 cameras in total and 2 of those have developed the same issue.

I think to have had two is incredibly unlucky, based on the frequency of the reports in this forum, but maybe you had two from the same batch. If so, that only supports your case more, that this is a known fault.

Good luck.

As for the customer service, the previous camera was replaced immediately, free and that camera was over a year old and was very satisfied with the service, so I’m even more confused why this time I was told I didn’t qualify for a replacement.

This time I actually phoned the tech support number rather than raise a ticket, and was left frustrated and confused with the service and reasons I was given in reply to my issue.

I’ve actually purchased a new camera as I don’t want to be with out one after being told it was out of warranty.

Hi Mattpearce79, I’ve asked my team to reach out and we’ll replace them for you. I’ll want the units back so we can run them through FA.


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