Horrible customer service

I have been dealing, since Aug 17, with the same customer service rep, via email that is just giving me the runaround.
Background is that one of my 5 cameras is recording a motion and a still clip exactly every 60 minutes all night long.
He has had me move the camera (sure, ill play along, but its not much use if its not pointed at what i want to monitor) - NO CHANGE
He has had me make changes to the recording set up (sure, ill play along but my clip length and retrigger times should be able to be whatever i want, or they shouldn’t be adjustable) - NO CHANGE
He has had me lock out detection zones on the camera. As of now, the whole top row is blocked out, but the camera still records every hour, with absolutely no motion. Camera isnt much good if i cant use all of the viewing area i paid for. - NO CHANGE
Today is the final straw!!!. He sent me a still shot from MY CAMERA (THE WEBSITE SPECIFICALLY STATES THE DONT HAVE ACCESS TO CLIPS OR LIVE FEEDS) and told me something was moving, could i relocate it. TROUBLE IS…HE HAD ME MOVE THE CAMERA LAST WEEK AND ITS NOT EVEN POINTED AT THAT ANYMORE…the problem persists and he just keeps giving me “one last thing to try”…

I may be able to help.

In order for support to assist, they ask you to grant them temporary access. If you did this, then you have nothing to worry about. It is not the final straw, you gave them full permission to access your account.

As for the still photo, every hour, this is triggered by the actual recording, or more to the point, vice versa. You probably have a setting called photo capture enabled, it is the default setting. This takes a photo every hour. Normally this photo is saved, and streamed to your account, once per day, as a clip of 24 frames. If the photo capture is interrupted by an event, it stops saving them, and uploads what it has so far, so you are getting a single frame.

Now, since the photo capture is the only thing Blink does, on a hourly basis, it sounds very much like it must actually be the photo triggering the motion. If you have infra red illumination turned on, and there is a nearby surface, at an angle, sadly, when the IR comes on for the photo, the detection circuit, which detects infra red, can wrongly interpret this as motion, and trigger a recording. This then interrupts photo capture and it streams your single frame, as well as the ‘motion’ event.

Disable photo capture, it’s a new feature after all, and you probably didn’t make your buying decision on the basis of it, so it won’t matter. If you do, I suspect your issue will be resolved.

If not though, take my advice, and bring that camera indoors, and run it on test in a completely controlled environment. If for example, it is now near your router and sync module, and in a dark cupboard, there is no way there could possibly be any ‘real’ motion to trigger an event, or it couldn’t now be a weak signal issue, etc. If all works as you expect, i.e. no events at all, with photo capture off, then you know it must be something else that is happening.

My bet is that it all stems from photo capture, because this is an hourly event.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out.

Hi, and thanks for your response.

I guess my point to the company, and I made this point in one of my first emails is…I am aware of the photo capture issue and the belief it’s what triggers the event. I even directed then to these very forums.

I explained that the likelihood of something triggering my camera, every hour exactly, only at night, for weeks on end…only to record clips of nothing…its so far fetched, that it has to be a glitch…

I got no response from them, just more…“try one more thing” emails.

My point to them as well was, I get that there maybe “work arounds” for this, none of my other cameras do this, and although true that it wasn’t a selling point, it is advertised as a feature and enabling it makes the camera act up.

I have moved the camera three times now, once was pointing at the ceiling on my dining room table. Still acted up.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s doing something it isn’t supposed to.

Rather than having me take all these steps, most that limit the use and degrade some of the features of the camera, I just want it replaced.

Oh, and i checked the documentation on the support access. Granting access clearly states that it gives access to account details. It also clearly states “Blink customer service is never able to see your clips or live views from a camera”

I do appreciate the response, and I don’t mean to be dismissive. I agree with your ideas 100%. From my reading here, your comments and my own experience, I don’t think it could be anything else.

I just want BLINK to admit it rather than run me around for weeks, trying to convince me that its something I am doing.

Yes, wasn’t trying to underplay the inconvenience, however, replacing it will probably make no difference. In my opinion it is an inherent design flaw.

This motion trigger, on activation of the camera, in the dark, has happened to me since the very beginning. I have XT, XT2, and Outdoor cameras, and they all do it, under certain circumstances. Obviously only the outdoor will do it with photo capture, but if you do a live view, for example, the IR illuminator can be read as motion by the PIR detector, and you then get a subsequent recording. Worse, that motion recording, and the change in illumination that occurs, can also be detected as motion, so you get a cycle of many recordings in a row. The only way to stop that is to extend the retrigger time, or relocate the camera, such that it only stares out into the void, with nothing nearby.

In my experience it’s more common if you have a siding in view, or something nearby to reflect back the illumination from the IR night vision, which is why I mentioned that above.

Anyway, you didn’t mention that you knew it was caused by the photo capture event, in your original post, so I mentioned it. If you can’t live without that, then I don’t know what to suggest, other than what I have now just mentioned.

All are workarounds, as you point out, but I doubt a replacement camera will solve it, because all of mine do it too, under certain circumstance. If yours don’t all do it, and are all the same type, then maybe you’ve just been lucky. If all the same type, with a photo capture option, then I’m surprised to read that it does not follow the location. If you swap two, and it follows the camera, rather than the location, and they each have photo capture enabled, then I have nothing left to suggest.

As for access, you grant full access to the app. If they have access to the app, they can share a clip with themselves. If they can do that, they can share it back with you. I haven’t read anywhere that granting that access still retains clip privacy, but I bow to your better knowledge. If you have grave concerns in this regard, I suggest you raise the matter with the director of customer service, Bob Blackburn, details of whom can be found in the forum. @Bob_at_Blink I believe.

Customer service should have narrowed it down to photo capture in seconds, regardless, especially as you told them, lol, so if you have been at it since mid August, it doesn’t seem very good.

Blink support is hit and miss in USA and according to export customers, it’s even worse outside of USA. This is what KILLED Dell home computer sales. They moved their domestic customer support base to India. India staff had a funky dialecct you couldn’t understand. They also read from a script. If the script didn’t funnel down your problem to a scripted answer, you were out of luck.

I’m thinking Blink tech support is now a giant blended garbage can party with Amazon tech support. No longer are there Blink only tech support specialists. Blink worldwide sales got way too big for that. So now you get an Amazon tech support person that is glued to a script. No thinking out of the box, no tribal knowledge of actual use as the tech support person is not a customer.

It is now so bad that the Amazon Forum for Blink cameras has…get ready for this
Admins from the Amazon forum telling people…take your Blink problems and contact Blink customer support. The Amazon forrum is for customer to customer use only. Do not ask what’s wrong with my Blink system questions here.

It got so bad, I said F that. Signed up for an account, logged in, and gave many correct answers as well as associated link to Blink’s customer support website. I fully expect to get cancelled or at least censored soon.

Amazon camera forum here Cameras (amazonforum.com)

Oh ya, turn off photo capture on that non working camera and move on with happiness.

Sorry, yes i failed to mention in the original post that i knew about the photo capture issue.
I got even more frustrated when i basically drew the guy a picture and he ignored me.
I have 5 cameras and its the only one that does it.

Anyway, as of Friday…they are sending me a new camera.

Thanks for the input, you were right about it, I just needed to be talked off my ledge.

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