Horrible company to deal with

Absolutely horrible company to have to deal with, horrible service and to top it all off they don’t have a toll free number so I got charged 30$ In long distance phone calls on my bill.
I had a sync module 2 go defective and stop working. I ended up calling 3 times to blink because the company is so disorganized. 1st time was to report my module broken and get a new one shipped. I was told I would get all the tracking info in an email, that was never sent. I called a 2nd and 3rd because I still hadn’t received a shipping number and found out finally the 3rd phone call that the item got lost in processing never was ordered to ship.

What country do you live in?

Over the years I have heard good to so-so regarding tech/customer support in North America - USA/Canada. Other countries - UK/England is fair. Export countries constantly complain about customer/tech support however.

Regarding paying for long distance phone call. Learn how to make VOIP phone calls Those are FREE.

do u even know to read?
these morons do not allow voip numbers on account