Horrible and loud noises on all 7 Blink Outdoor cameras

We have 7 Blink Outdoor cameras that are making a horrible, loud, pulsating noise that ends up on the video clips and distorts the sound.

We have the WiFi in a center location and in good reach of everything, signal strength to WiFi and sync module is all bars on all cameras.

The noise happens no matter where we place the cameras, and with brand new batteries.

This system is new and was a gift, so I’m not sure what to do. Days spent online looking for answers yielded nothing,

We have blurry footage, though some are okay during the day, and night vision is usually so blurry that objects and people etc are unrecognizable. And the worst is the awful noise, and I don’t mean a hissing white noise but something else entirely.

I would attach a video clip, but there isn’t an option to add one.

I would contact tech support. Since the problem is systemic I suspect your wifi or you have a defective sync module. Before you do, download the app Route This Helps, and run it (use password BLNK) . It will analyze your set up and give you a keycode. Give the keycode to tech support so they can read the results. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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When viewing a video, tap on it or wait for it to end. A menu comes up with the > shape share option. Share your video to your youtube account. Then post a link to the youtube video here so others can view it.

Don’t have youtube, try google drive. I-phone has their own version of these tools. Bottom line this community does not host video files. You have to choose your own host and then post a link to your video.

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Did you test the cameras inside your house in a quite room? Hint. If no funky noises and clear video during daylight and darkened room, you have outdoor problems. Tech support will want to know that info.

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All ten of mine do it as well. Doesnt matter where it is, inside, outside, in a closed closet, in inside a closed room. Also doesnt matter which sync module they are connected too. Or how close they are to wifi. Ive just gotten used to it now.

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I’ve moved the cameras inside and they still have that noise. I have two separate systems and sync modules for both sides of the house in order to keep the cams in good range of the sync modules and WiFi.

Thing is, these Blink Outdoor cams are an upgrade from my XT2 cams, and the XT2 doesn’t have this problem, only the expected hissing/white noise in the background. And the Blink Outdoor cams are in the same exact spot as the XT2s were. It’s all very strange.

Gotta talk to tech support and do warranty exchange or simply get your money back from the vendor that sold them to you. Choice is yours.

Mine also does this no matter where I put it or weather it’s close to the Wi-fi or not! it’s very annoying as we use our blink mini (which also makes the same noise in a quiet closed room) as a child monitor and live view with that noise! when your trying to listen to your child makes it difficult.

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Sorry for the extremely late reply. I seem to have issues getting notifications here. Mine are still doing it even as of today, and I don’t use mine for a baby monitor, so I can only imagine how frustrating that has to be.

I was told initially that it’s an internet speed issue, which wasn’t and isn’t the case as we had our internet package upgraded to the highest speed and bought a new router etc. Still the same.

So the loud cricket sounds and distorted electronic sounds are just a norm with these.