Home Burglar on XT's

Just had my Blink XT’s up for a few weeks when we were able to record this burglar leaving our house at 240am. We awoke as he was leaving, so he did drop the bag and we got most of our stuff back, except my wallet and a couple other things. I wish I had dialed my settings in a bit better and had longer record time as batteries are cheaper than replacing my stuff. Police have not arrested individual as of this posting, but said they are pursuing some good information. Anybody have tips for best settings on these cameras? Have increased record time, turned off stop recording when motion stops, and moved to the enhanced video selection.

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So he was in your house while you were there asleep?


Do you know how he got in?

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Ugh I hate seeing that. Nothing pisses me off more than burglars. And the fact that he was in your house while you were there is scary.

Yes, very brazen.

yes, been there-no fun
Glad you’re ok

May be it is time to invest in ADT protect or SmartThings for self monitoring security. I have both and a Siren connected to my SmartThings running locally to my doors.

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Sorry to hear that you had to deal with this.

Also interested in what the best settings are, would hate to have an event like this and not get all video else it’s useless.

Sorry to hear this happened. I can suggest to put in indoor cameras with high sensitivity which I have and I put them on a separate sync module and they arm around 11PM after everyone goes to sleep and disarm around 6AM. Out side cameras are always armed on a separate sync module. This way you would have been alerted earlier. Also if you have enough ambient light where your camera is outside I recommend to turn the IR off. Most of the times with the IR on my camera picture blurs. With the IR off I have a sharp colorful picture.


Yes, we have enough light even after dark with a streetlight out front and leaving front porch lights on all night, that I do get great pictures with IR off. Thanks for that suggestion!!! Also good idea to go with a separate indoor cameras with separate sync. Thanks again, great ideas!

Unlocked back door:(. Had been leaving it unlocked as dog always going in and out. No more:)

That makes my hair stand on end watching those videos. That really freaks me out! I definitely recommend more Blink cameras!! indoors and outdoors! I always have mine set to the max clip length.

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Yes indeed! I have gone from 2 cameras to 5 and 2 sync modules.

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All the more reason to have a notification sent the moment motion is detected. Rather be prepared than notified after someone is already in my house. A feature which I unfortunately doubt we will see with this product.


Which is why I use a PIR perimeter alarm system. (never a false alert)
Blink is a VERY important part of my home security system but not the only one. I haven’t found one system that can do it all(without monthly charge and even then it’s limited).
My Blink camera’s go off nightly (say between 11pm and 5am) from 1 to up to 12 times for minor movement. Your health would be in jeopardy if you were woken up that many times! :slight_smile:
But Blink offers a fantastic way to, inexpensively, be your eyes and ears around the house but not in an ‘instant notification’ sort of way…not presently anyway.
I love my Blink but I have to use it within its design limitations.


I still haven’t purchased a perimeter alarm. I need to get up and do it already!

I wish Blink and Cross Point would get together and marry their technology.
You’d have a PIR sensor/ camera that wouldn’t give false alerts plus have the ability to give instant voice notifications to a base unit.
That sure would solve a lot of issues.


I’m glad everyone is ok.

Can I ask, how did you get your videos downloaded so you can give copies to the police? I only see how to view them on my phone.

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Open the video and use the ‘share’ icon at the bottom. Along that same bottom area you should have a ‘Download arrow’ and a ‘Camera’ icon for live feed then lastly a ‘Red garbage can’ for delete. That’s how it shows on my android.

Same on my iPad/iPhone. The little box with an arrow pointing up (in lower left corner) will allow you do what you like, save to files, send in a message, email, etc.