Hey Blink...can we get two factor authentication?

With the recent panic of the hacking`of one of your competitors cameras, can we get more security?

Any of you who agree please like or comment, maybe we can show them how much we want this.



Yes, important feature. You may want to read/contribute to this thread. There are other posts as well.

It wasn’t hacked. Her email was compromised and she used the same weak password for everything.


Blaming the user is just plain stupid. Ring could have done more and Blink should definitely do more. 2FA needs to be implemented right away.

If it is, I hope it’s optional, because I have no interest in adding a further level of security to my system. Perfectly happy without 2FA. No risk whatsoever to me, as it is.

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TFA is needed ASAP!

Same. Strong password with capital letters and lowercase, numbers, and 2 or more special characters. Done.

We want 2FA and not become another disaster.!

POP quiz…is your password for any of your social media sights you use 2FA? Nope. Is your router login password 2FA? Nope. Is the password for your desktop computer, tablet, or cellphone 2FA? Nope. How bout your free cloud storage via Google or Apple? Nope

You want it cause you can’t have it. The XT and XT-2 are outdoor cameras. Wanna hack into my Blink and see what’s outside my house, go right ahead. In the mean time, Use a goofy cryptic password, change it often, you’ll be just fine. If you use indoor cameras inside your house and worried about privacy…don’t use wireless - go hard wired.

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This comment is so idiotic I had to make an account just to respond.
Facebook has 2FA. Google and Apple cloud storage both have 2FA. Windows 10 has 2FA.
Just because you don’t care if someone hacks into your camera to see your outdoor area, doesn’t make other people’s concerns invalid. And using wireless vs wired connection makes zero difference if your cameras are accessible via the internet and someone breaks into your account. Please stop spreading disinformation.

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User name and password only is not 2FA.

It’ll probably take a breach like Ring had before Blink will offer 2FA. Ring now forces you to use 2FA.

And there in lies the difference. Forced vs. optional 2FA. Yes other software packages have 2FA but it is optional and not forced. Blink however, doesn’t have it as an option. I still think Blink is dumbed down on purpose so as not to infringe on other brands sales numbers that Amazon offers.