Here are the best video doorbells to help you know who’s at the door


Interesting read - thanks! I have the Ring Pro and it works great. I only have it set to alarm between 11 PM and 7 AM. The rest of the time it just happily records whatever happens or if the bell is rung and I can review it at will. I can’t wait to try the Blink doorbell on my rear door, especially if they have zoning enabled.


I think it will be a cold day in Siberia before we see the Blink doorbell. I live in a new development of 750 homes and although I touted Blink as a good video security solution, people got tired of waiting and purchased Ring or other brands. Am doing so as well. You just cannot keep your consumers on the hook forever and expect them to wait ad nauseum.

Like this?


Better like this!

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Yeah…just like the e-mail I received from Blink that said they are now going to “evolve” the doorbell. That means delay and so many of our 700 new home owners are buying Ring simply because it’s actually available. Loss for Blink!