Any advice would be helpful. Got the cameras Sunday, followed all installation instructions etc. night time video on all cameras is completely black (we’ve played with the settings to cropped out areas moved the cameras) and nothing. After 3 days the camera that has the least amount of use needs a battery change. I wanted to like this camera system but it’s on the verge of being put back in the box and returned.

  1. Whar cameras are these? The New blink outdoor ones?
  2. Do you have night vision turned on?
  3. Do you have your cameras in any kind of 3rd party mount/case?
  4. Batteries should not have died. What kind of batteries are you using?
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Those install instructions are just a quick start guide leaflet. Most people read them quickly and bang through them to get the cameras up and running as fast as they can. It’s like Christmas…kid with a new toy. That leaflet as well as the mobile app mentions Blink has a support website. That website is also the real deal owner’s manual. That leaflet startup guide is the bare minimum of what you need to read.

Go here for more info. Use the search function like you would with Google.

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Outdoor cameras, got the cases, infrared works in a dark room even with cases, batteries that came with them, night vision is on.
When cameras are in a dark room you can hear them click over so I know it’s clicking on

Didn’t think there were any cases yet for the new outdoor cameras. Only ones I’ve seen so far, block the IR illuminator, in its new location. Might still work indoors, due to bleed round and relatively close range of all objects in frame.

Simplest test would be to try them outdoors without the additional case. Or even indoors, just for testing, you should see a big difference.

Share a link to the cases you bought, to be sure.

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IR on these are way over the right as you face them. I had to modify the case to get the IR to shine effectively.

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Oh my … there is def a difference once I saw this… they were working somewhat on a dark room but once I uncover that there’s a HUGE difference… thank you sooooo much … time to go modify some cases

any time. Incredibly bad design… No reason to move the IR from where it was on the XT2… yet… they did.

No backwards compatibility = increased sales. Remember, most of the 3rd party add on gizmos are sold…via Amazon and Ebay. Amazon and Ebay get a cut from each sale on their respective website.

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true that. Solid point by you.

And they made it worse. it gives it more glare if you are close to a wall on that side.

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