Help please, trouble with a couple of things

Hi, I set up two blink minis yesterday. Set up schedule for it to arm at 10pm and disarm at 6am but it decided to stay armed for a little longer as it caught my husband in the kitchen getting ready for work between 6.22 and 6.32. After that it obviously disarmed because I can down at 7.30 and it didn’t detect me (as it shouldn’t) any help would be greatly appreciated.
On a separate note, I have it set to no save live view clips. But when I watch in my Alexa show, it saves those clips. And if my husband checks in whilst at work it saves those clips too?? Any ideas??

That 15:34 time in the upper left corner…turn off 24hour military time and turn on your correct time zone. See if that makes any difference. Other than that, no idea what else would be wrong. LOTS of people here using scheduling and it is correct as well as problem free.

But those lots of people are not using it with the indoor mini camera. The mini indoor is buggy for many people as reported here over time. For others it works just fine.

Another problem can be if you and your husband are logged into the one blink account at the same time. That works for some people and has been problematic for others.

So you have a few things going on at the same time. Scheduling, multiple users on one account, and Alexa. What I would do is Bring those new mini cameras up one step at a time. Only one user, no schedule, no Alexa. If it is working for days in a row correctly, then add extra features via one at a time. Turn on scheduling. Then wait a few days and turn on Alexa. Then wait a few days and turn on multi user.

The problem you have now is too many variables and you don’t know which variable is screwing things up. Most people do not bench test nor do they do isolation testing before they go live with actual performance. Instead they throw everything togetther all at once and expect it to work correctly. What that is certainly a normal expectation, that is not reality when it comes to cheap entry level wireless devices all trying to play together nice on the same playground.

Thanks for replying! I had it set to GMT time as I live in the UK. I have just noticed there is also a Europe/London time setting so I have changed it to that to see if that makes a difference.

My husband used my account to log in. He is logged in permanently, as am I so that we can both receive notifications if needed. After reading topics on here I thought you could only use one account with the cameras? Is that not right? I will get him to log out and see if that helps. Strange though as as he is logged in my account the settings are obviously the same (set to not save live view), if I check live view it doesn’t save, but it does with him.

Just did a test run set with the new time zone. That’s worked the trick , so one problem sorted! :slight_smile:

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Only 1 account allowed. That account is 1 email and 1 password only.

Person A and person B can share those account credentials and log in via different mobile devices. However, when both A and B are loggin in at the same time, that may cause mobile app conflicts.

Would you let person A and B log into YOUR social media account at the same time? Hell no. Then why do you think it’s a good idea to do that with a home monitoring system that is only designed for 1 account. You can do it, but it’s probably a bad practice. What WILL happen is somebody will make a change to a setting, delete a video, etc. either by accident or by wrong assumption. What people really want is a multi user function but sadly, Blink does not have that.