Guest Access To Camera

Are there any plans to allow for guest access to view a camera. We have a camera installed in our church. It is currently set up on my e-mail, and I also have a home system on the same e-mail. I can’t be giving my credentials out to someone else because they would also see my home camera. I could set the church camera up on a different e-mail account, but that would still require multiple users sharing the same log-in. Letting multiple users share a log-in is not good IT practice. Hopefully guest access is something you are looking at.

You’re using the camera in an commercial application, which is against the TOS, FYI.

The short answer is: not at the current time, from what I’ve heard from Blink. They do surprise us with little updates here and there, so there’s always a possibility.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the TOS. We currently aren’t using the camera because of the log in problems. I’ll probably look for a different camera

I just read that info in their TOS, but they have various info I found online from Blink showing how it can be used in business settings.

I see. I must have misunderstood the garble.

You didn’t misunderstand the garble. Chapter 6 of the TOS clearly states not for commercial use. Blink has their own commercials/ads showing commercial use. .

The problem/reality is the TOS is written by lawyers to save the company’s rear end.
The reality of how and by whom it is used is dictated by customers and investors.
No harm no foul - he TOS is only enforced when need be.

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Forget Commercial purposes, I want to be able to grant Guest access to my KIDS and HOME. They want to be able to look at the camera footage when parents aren’t home so they know if they should answer the front door or not.

Your competitors do this and while I have Blink cameras on our vacation home, I would NEVER purchase Blink for my home until this feature existed.

And no, granting them Admin access is not an option, as they are the ones that we at times need to monitor (think, party while the parents are away), and I’d hate to think they could easily disable the cameras.


I purchased five cameras but I’m thinking of returning before my 30 day return window for this reason alone.

Having guest access would be extremely helpful. I have cameras set up at multiple properties. I’d like to share some of those properties, but not all of them with other people. Having to setup multiple accounts then having to log in and out of different accounts to see all my cameras is rather archaic.