I have the Blink Outdoor Camera. Ever since I’ve had it, when it records and plays back and in live view, there are two different shaped greyed out areas. I’ve never set the privacy nor activity zones, so I don’t understand why the two areas are greyed out.

When I first saw it, I thought there was something in front of the camera obstructing its view, but there wasn’t. When I go into camera settings, both basic and advanced for privacy and activity zones, the blocked areas are there as well.

I’ve tried re-setting both with no luck.

Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong and how to fix this?

I have never looked in privacy zones, in any detail, until now. When I went into it, I created two blocks that looked exactly like yours, by mistake, just with two quick touches of the screen, as I slid my finger.

I think you need to try again to clear them, because it definitely looks like a couple of privacy zones to me.

Select zones. Select the privacy tab. There are two at the top, Activity Zones and Privacy Zones. Whilst in Privacy Zones, choose, “Reset privacy zones”. My accidentally created zones were immediately cleared. Hopefully yours will be too.