Grey zones creating a delay

Has anyone else noticed that if you select the zones you don’t wish to be detected that when you walk in that zone, the blue light comes on and creates a delay in the system, then you continue to walk into the zones you want it to detect and it doesnt detect unless you fumble around the same spot for a longer period? Baisically this means people can walk from the path onto my property and beyond the cameras field of view with out even being recorded if they just keep going with out stopping, thats useful isnt it.

Enjoy the reading. LOTS of previous threads on activity zones problems.

Doesn’t surprise me in the least, knowing how the system works. Hadn’t considered it until now, but what you say makes perfect sense.

What has been discussed many times is that zones simply do not work well enough, as Joel has just demonstrated.

One, the field of vision Blink offers is so minimal that I wonder why one would zero in using the Activity Zones. However, make sure Early Notification is on, disable End Clip if Motion Stops, make sure retrigger time is at 10–this is a problem.

Some high end software has the same problem.

Already have all those settings set. Problem is there is a public path outside my house so theres no way of pointing the camera so it doesnt see the path and i only want notifications for people walking onto my property which is why i zoned out the path but it just creates that delay.

Yes, that’s going to be tricky. I had a similar problem when I wanted only a side street monitored, but another main street ignored. The closest I got was working with Sensitivity. Now, I rarely pick something up from the main street, but I do receive the side street.

The gray zones have been a big problem since I got my system. I’ll sometimes get an alert that a car drives by on the gray zone, but nothing when the mailman walks right up to my door which is not in a gray zone. Some days it seems the zones get completely wiped out overnight even. Very frustrating